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General discussion / Santa Experiences - Ireland
July 21, 2023, 02:23:52 PM
Bit of a strange one to be posting up at this time of year, but we are in our final year with all the kids still believing so wanted to try and book a good one for the last time. We usually try and book away for the night and make a weekend of it, We've done a fair few. Mostly around NI but also centre parks.
Just wondering if anyone could recommend one plus a nice family hotel to stay at. Happy to travel but ideally 2-3 hrs from Tyrone. Someone mentioned Palmerstown?

Have been to

Santa's cottage newry
Donegal Lapland
Innisowen gateway hotel
Todd's leap, Ballygawley
Centre parks
Jackson's hotel
Oakfield park

Any good ones down south?

General discussion / Importing
August 03, 2021, 03:13:30 PM
Just liking a bit of advice. Was looking at testing the water with importing a few products from China. But a complete novice at this. I have prices from the manufacturers including cost of shipping to Belfast port. What other costs do I need to consider? I'm assuming I'll be liable for import Tax? Also cost of transporting from Belfast port to home etc. Just trying to work out if it's viable.

Would I be better trying to cost shipping directly myself or go with what the manufacturer are offering. The items are light but about 1m high x 1.5 m long.
Any advice welcome.
GAA Discussion / Underage training
July 03, 2020, 11:09:31 AM
Starting to get involved with the underage training at the club. U8/ U10. I remember someone on here had shared a Underage coaching guide that was good but I can't find it now. I'm wondering would anyone remember it or still have the PDF? Prob a few years ago now.

General discussion / Finance advise
March 18, 2020, 11:43:03 AM
I know it's maybe small scale given everything that's going on, but just wondering if someone could advise. We ordered a table and couple of units from Laura Ashley last week. We took out a store card with them at the time as they offered an added 10% discount if we did. We planned that we'd just pay it off straight away. Delivery won't be until 6-8 weeks.
Now obviously the company is going into administration and I was just wondering what the best course of action would be? As it's a store card (Mastercard)are we covered if the order doesn't arrive?
I haven't spoken with them yet as wanted to see legally what our options were?
GAA Discussion / Kids football nets
July 17, 2019, 01:22:06 PM
Just looking to get a steer on kids football nets to stick up in the garden. Does anyone know of any good manufacturers and prices? Ideally a fairly durable set.

GAA Discussion / Joe McMahon Retires
May 15, 2017, 03:51:11 PM

A solid player for Tyrone for the guts of 15 years.  A great reader of the game and scorer of some spectacular points. But greatest achievement in a Tyrone jersey was prob the 2008 final along side Justin keeping Walsh in tow.

Will be missed.   

General discussion / Lawn mowers
March 14, 2016, 04:47:50 PM
Anyone any good advice for brands of Ride on Lawn mowers? What to avoid? Also does anyone know anywhere in NI that might do good 2nd hand ones?
General discussion / Price of Oil
January 19, 2016, 05:02:40 PM
Just talking about this today. Now with fuel back under the £1 mark and Heating oil so cheap, is this likely to be a long term drop or are thinks going to go back up again as quickly as they went down. Or are we looking at lower prices for the next couple of years? We're building a house at the minute and had been looking at Geotherm, but given the price of oil now, we're wondering if it's the best move. Obviously the Geotherm is better environmentally, but given the capital costs OFCH is starting to look very attractive again.   
Just looking a quick bit of help here. I have a set of outdoor rope lights (LED similar to these - )
I leave the lights up on the house all year round as I've attached them to clips on the outside of the guttering and they don't get in the way/. And that's worked fine for the last 3 odd years. But I was just getting round to test the lights last weekend and I connected then up to a extension cable. But the lights blew (went on then went of again). There may be a possibility that the extension cable was slightly damp as I had left it in the outside garage. So there's a fair chance I've blown something. I've checked the fuse in the plus and it seems OK and tried it with another one just in case. (This is about the extent of my electrical abilities!!) But no joy. So I was wondering if you can advise of anything else to check before I take them down for the skip?
General discussion / Company Car Tax details
October 31, 2014, 10:32:11 AM
Just wondering if anyone knows what the increase in tax is when you have a company car? I've been offered a position which is similar to what I'm on now but includes a company car. I know you can get taxed higher with a car but just not sure how much of a difference it is? It's a VW Golf (I think the type affects if as well!) I would be on roughly the same money at the normal tax rate but I'm wondering how much less that would be if I'm taxed more.
I've tried looking at things on line there but seems pretty confusing.

* OK so he didn't really say that, but interesting to see his view on the Tyrone Kerry rivalry during his playing career. Very honest article.

QuoteTomas O Se concedes that, while he was playing, Kerry never beat Tyrone when it really counted.

During the course of O Se's illustrious intercounty career, the Kingdom had a fierce rivalry with the O'Neill County and it was invariably the northerners who came out on top.

"To understand why losing to Tyrone always stuck in my throat so much, let me tell you about '08. Remember their goal in the All-Ireland final? A slip by Padraig Reidy and Tommy McGuigan stabbing the ball home from maybe a yard?," the Kerry legend writes in The Irish Independent

"Well I'm jogging back out to my position, effing and blinding away inside my head. It's a desperate body blow to take because you can just tell it's lit up Tyrone's dander.

"Next thing, Kevin Hughes shunts into my back. Hard as he can go. I'm Kerry captain and, as he sees it, he's posting a message here to the first in command. A message that tells the three-in-a-row chasing champions "we're marking our territory here and f*** ye!"

"That was the swagger they had, the kind that Dublin have now. They had their bullies, their tight defenders, their muck-dogs around the middle of the field, winning breaking ball. They had their silky forwards up front too. They had it all.

"And I hated them when they beat us, hated them for that swagger. Maybe the biggest regret I have in football is that we didn't beat that Tyrone team when it mattered. You can have arguments till the cows come home about what we did in Killarney two summers ago, thumping them by 10 points in a qualifier.

"But that doesn't count in my eyes. We just beat a skeleton of the real Tyrone. It was a moral victory, not the real thing."
Just looking for a bit of info. A guy from waterways/ NI water called at the house and told the missus that we have a leak. The house was built about 5 years ago and was built on farming land, so the water was going through a meter. I've tried walking the ground were I think the pipes are but can't see any visual signs so how to try and locate the leak?
Also the guy mentioned that we should try and get it sorted before anymore attention is drawn to it and that we might get away without a bill. So just wondering what's the story if we are hit with a bill? Are we liable for the cost or is the onus on waterways to inform us of the leak or what is the likely process?
Just wondering if anyone else has experience of this. I lost my records of achievement folder years ago. But have been called to interview for a position that is requiring copies of both A levels, GCSEs and Degree. The interview is in just over a week. I've spoken to my school and they say that they can issue a letter confirming my results and stamp it. Which I'm hoping will cover the A levels and GCSEs. But the replacement degree certificate is proving more difficult as the form you fill out states that it can take over 3 weeks to be processed. Is there any way of getting this quicker*?

* Or indeed cheaper, think it's 50 Bucks for a copy, b*****ds!! 

General discussion / Gardening/ Landscaping
October 10, 2012, 10:17:41 AM
We just recently got a guy in to kirb and sow out the lawn (been in the house 3 years but only getting round to it now). It was just to take the bad look of the site and get things leveled out.
But I was just wondering if anyone here would be clued in on gardening. Firstly I have a large slope opening onto the front of the house that would be too steep to sow out. Been told that I would prob need to get ground cover plants to hold it. Tried to do a bit of googling on it but there's a mass of information out there with conflicting details. So was just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what I should plant there that would look good and stop erosion? Looking something relatively low maintenance and don't want to spend a fortune on it.
Also looking to put up a hedge along the outline of the site. Like the look of Laurel but it seems to be costly (Quite a large area to cover) So would anyone have any other recommedations?
I'm based in Tyrone area aswell in case you want to advise particular gardening nurserys etc. 
General discussion / Money troubles
March 31, 2011, 08:46:32 PM
Well the recession is really starting to kick in. Built a house on our farm land a few years ago. Mortgage taken for £120k. It's down now to bout £115k or so.  Also have a £10k loan with the bank. Mortgage up for renewal now.
Am self employed. And work has taken a bad dip. Struggling with payments for the mortgage and the loan. Now the mortgage is jumping up aswell.   
Selling the house would be a last resort as it's on our farm land ( that's if it could be sold to begin with!!)
so just wondering if anyone has any advise that may help? Considered taking out £10k more on the mortgage to clear the loan but as the value of the house has dropped don't think this will be an option now.