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With the pandemic hopefully behind the nation which clubs does the forum see as been best suited to a shorter season? Will it suit the more physical sides like C/Ballacolla or R/E?
Good numbers reported around the county at club trainings, it should make for an interesting SHC

Good win for B/K last night albeit a little fortuitous with the goal near the end.

Any of you lads in O'Moore Park and how was it. Must have been like a ghost town with only 200 there in total.

Enjoyed the streaming last night.
Well done to all involved; I'm not sure how financially viable the service will be in the long-term but I really appreciated getting to watch a championship match after such a difficult and uncertain few months.

Decent performance from two good teams I felt. Neither hit anywhere near their best form but that's to be expected.

Keyser mentioned in another thread that this condensed year might suit Camross and CB....I actually think the opposite. I think both RE and BK have quite settled teams whereas Camross and CB have had to blood a raft of young players over the last couple of years. BK are arguably the most-settled team with only the addition of Enda Parlon to the full-back line and Emmet Jones standing in for PJ Scully.
I hope Matthew Whelan's injury isn't too serious because he'd be a monumental loss to a team that I think might be the one to beat.

I'd strongly fancy RE tonight. Back between 06-14, they were incredible at timing their form to have their strongest players peaking at the right time. I expect the same this year and I think they'll have too much steel at the back and firepower up front for a CB side who may need a bit of time to click into gear.

I think Ballinakill will have too much nous for Rosenallis tomorrow but I think both will hold their own at senior level.

Castletown and Abbeyleix is a very tough game to call. I've gone back and forth on this a few times but I have a feeling Abbeyleix might just pull off a little bit of a shock.

Would have liked to see how the last few minutes would have played out had that goal not dropped in. Camross had lost their grip a little but generally have a reputation for winning tight games although they have lost their last 2 cship games to late goals. Mark Dowling was the sharpest forward on view. Keenan still has a huge influence for them. I thought Andrew Collier did well also and Carroll was involved a lot. For Borris they got the win without being overly impressive. They need Whelan to have any chance of winning it out. Any word on his injury?

Keyser SŲze:
Posted on the wrong thread initially.
I think that despite losing last night Camross will be quietly confident of timing things to come good for an all out assault on a semi final in 6 weeks. Realistically they can now train for a block with that end point. I donít think losing last night changes anything & it means they will most likely meet RE in a semi final. They seem to have developed some very useful contacts on the challenge match scene over the past number of years and Iíd expect to see a very finely tuned outfit in early September.

I donít know if Borris Kilcotton have a championship in them going on last night. Itís almost like they lapse off when things are going well rather than ruthlessly driving home. Like Speculative Effort mentioned, Iíd have fancied Camross before the fortuitous goal. Their half back line was very good on the ball last night and drove forward effectively, without perhaps covering behind them. Huge gaps existed in front of their full back line.

I donít think CLough Ballacolla will beat Rathdowney Errill tonight, but I think itís an ideal opportunity to blow out early at full tilt and get off to a good start performance wise. They have introduced a decent splattering of youth over the last few years and itís the way to go when things are starting to slip. Anything bar a bad beating here and they should be fine. There are enough wise heads here to know how big this game is for them, and there is enough time and latitude to recover from a defeat. They wonít get things all their own way in both games to follow, but should come through. Is Tom Delaney hurling?

Rathdowney Errill remain the team to beat. Outstanding talent and packed with leaders. Iíd expect a win tonight and comfortable victories to follow.

After that, I think Ballinakill will outwit Rosenallis. So much to admire in Rosenallis and a good sprinkling of hurlers, but I donít think they will have come up against anything to prepare them for the clever Ballinakill machine. Most teams have struggled with them over the past few years. Thereís still lots of hurling in them and Rosenallis may struggle for possession.

I think the final game is 100% 50-50 if that makes sense. Both have good hurlers and both have limitations on the fringes. Abbeyleix have the Indian sign over Castletown for the last 5 or 6 years and I think it may well continue in that vein. Will Reilly pick up Mullaney? If so, you could see both of them making an impact on the scoresheet, with Reilly in a position to do more damage. Could well be the difference.

This weekend;
Rathdowney Errill

Rathdowney Errill v Camross
Borris Kilcotton v Clough Ballacolla




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