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Started by AZOffaly, June 03, 2010, 09:49:25 AM

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Don't worry, it's not actually starting yet, but as I'm off on holidays to Portugal for 2 weeks, with very limited internet access, I want to get a bit of feedback regarding the Tool we use, and even any scoring changes ye'd like to see. have launched a new free fantasy game, has a well established fantasy game, which is the basis for the podcasts they do (ESPN Fantasy Focus Football) is our own 5 year old home.

If anyone has any strong preferences, please let me know and I'll take a look. We've had to have two seperate leagues the past two seasons due to Yahoo capping at 20, so if any of these are better that would be a good start. It has to be head to head (i.e. weekly matchups) though, no league tables of points scored.



Good to see this back again. Hoping to go one better than last years final appearance.
One change id like to see this year is the Playoffs moved from weeks 16 & 17 to weeks 15 & 16.
If i remember right i lost my QB, WR & 3 RBs for the final as they were being rested for the playoffs. Ended up fielding a much weakened team and got hammered...

Not sure on which site is the best, maybe someone with experience of all 3 can give an insight...


have used yahoo, espn and cbssports, preferred cbs version
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Just in case this would be forgotten about :D
Preseason games start August 8th
Regular season starts September 9th

I think Yahoo would still be ok to use as last year they sorted out any problems with the waivers with waiver priority...


As a side note does anybody fancy setting up an auction draft outside the official Fantasy Football. You'd need to be fairly serious about it as everyone would have to make the draft.


Alright lads, it's time to start getting thinking about this. Where does the time go. The teams are about to hit training camp, so we need to start gathering names.

I haven't seen a swell of support for switching providers or formats, to I'll go with renewing the Montana and Payton conferences again. I will post details here.

We can trash out season length, scoring etc once we have an idea of numbers, but I'd be hoping for at least 2 x 10 again.


Capt Pat

Which division is the premier division and which is for beginners?


You get a mix in both Capt. Pat. I'd say just enrol in either, you'll get the hang of it quick.


I'm in. I've improved my finish each year, finishing second last year, so...

No doubt I'll be last this year.


In for this,Hopefully i will once again score the most points,but choke when it comes to crunch time.
You would know i support the Colts,wouldnt you???  :D  :(



Quote from: AZOffaly on July 26, 2010, 07:27:52 PM
12 teams in already lads, good stuff.

AZ make sure their is a spot for bombidal if he hasnt joined yet,what would a gaaboard fantasy game be without him spouting shite all week long!!  ;D


That's reserved. He parks in the motormouth section :D