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Decided to open this thread given all the nostalgia on the 'WTF' one....

Really enjoyed reading all the recent comments (including the old MS link lol)

Great days with great stories no doubt....

Time to gather them all up in one thread....student days from any part of the world you were in...

Hopefully provides some great stories and a bit of good old honest (or not so honest) craic!

quit yo jibbajabba:
ooh. This could be good. Dont wana go too early so ill sit and read for a bit 😃😃

'Famous' Eating Houses up in Belfast....

Spud's (wasn't keen on it!)

Bishops- possibly the place across the road!? Not bad...

McDonalds (Next door- think they shut it down)

KFC Shaftburys Square (Literally taking your life into your own hands)

Esperanto's (burn your head off as well as you arse sometimes!)

Empire- Meal Deal (not great!)

Kam- Wah (taking your life into your own hands visiting that wee hatch!)

Centra (always handy for a roll!)

Subway (the same!)

Julie's Armpits (Maybe became a Harry Ramsden's??)

Maggie Mays (useful for when the loan came in- also bring your own bottle!)

Temps (anybody remember when these guys employed their own DJ- such was the crowds in there after the bars/clubs had finished lol)

Sit in Chinese across the road (useful for when the loan came in- 3 courses for 10)

Queens Chaplaincy (more a home-made vibe about it- not bad)

The Bot (See Empire Note)

Cafe Nostra (Ormeau Road- not much crossing over the Ormeau Road in my day)

Baracuda (Ormeau Road)

Helen's Bakery (Ormeau Road)

French Village (Stanmillis)

Movie Star Cafe Botanic Avenue (for a bottle of beer, Chilli Con Carne.....never bothered with desert lol  ;))

Holylands Spar (Hangover Jambons etc)

Anywhere else???


Hungry Hound on the Ormeau Road

UCG mid-90s.  I suppose everyone sees their era in college as a golden era, but I genuinely believe there's a compelling case for that particular time.
A lot changed while I was there: Smoky Joes when you could smoke, for one.  The staff there were sound, I lived on coffee, doughnuts, playing cards and having the craic.  There was the H block, the old college bar, and I can't remember the name of the canteen between the Quad and the library, it's the conference office now, or was the last time I was around.
Mussolini used to patrol the corridors, caught me smoking in the early days and I thought I was going to be arrested!!

No social media, but emails were beginning to be a thing.  Everything went by word of mouth: the River Inn was a great spot,  but Cookes always seemed too far up.  Parties in Legoland were massive for us 1st years, but usually lost in what seemed like a labyrinth for a poor culchie,  because most of the signs were nicked.  The Hole in the Wall was the 1st year pub, after that you graduated to the King's Head.  Salthill was where it all was at: the Castle was the biz, and then CJs.  There was one beside the Warwick,  I can't remember the name but it changed a few times while I was there.
As you progressed (only a year or two, but back then it was eons), McSwiggans became the local, with discerning heads settling in Bar an Chaladh, or Neachtains.  The cool alt set were Roisin Dubh or the Crane aficionados, but they were a bit  out of my way, although I retired in Monroes.  I forgot Matt's bar for shots as you were following the promotions and the free passes into whatever nightclub.  The GPO for drinking and music (loved Shite Night), CPs was more upmarket.  Cuba had a few great years in Eyre Square.  The obligatory once a term visit to Padraig's Place on a particularly ferocious drinking session to prove you were hardcore.
All in all, I loved it.  I'd give anything to live those years again.
The people,  the music, the fact that there was always something going on in Galway.
One final thing: despite the fact that many of them to this day are my best friends, it kills me anytime Galway or Mayo win anything!!


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