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Seeing as the only thread on this so far has been about the rivalry between a soccer club and its dead rivals, I thought I'd start one. Seems to be me that Alex Salmond's tactic of a long campaign has worked out as he would have hoped, i.e. to give the maximum opportunity for visibility of the more unpalatable sections of the Unionist camp, most obviously the Tories but also the Protestant supremacists who left Scotland centuries ago, thus driving the waverers into the Yes camp. Even if there is a small majority against independence, the wedge between Scotland and England has been driven ever deeper. Maith an fear, as they say in na h-Eileanan Siar.

T Fearon:
Yes indeed would that nationalist Ireland,North or South  produced such a visionary leader.I see Nigel Farage is also planning a big No Rally, that should further push the hitherto undecided into the Yes Camp in big numbers.

Spot on about the limitations of Irish leaders. Now that the polls are moving against them perhaps the OO will have a few more marches.

The empire is dead.Long live the dead empire!!

Tony Baloney:
Salmond is a pretty risible character so he would me think twice.


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