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Tyrone / Tyrone Club Football 2013
« on: March 04, 2013, 08:32:21 PM »
Right folks guna start this all of,predictions for the forthcoming season?
League winners it's hard to look past Clonoe/Coalisland and Errigal!
On the championship front although it's hard to say before a ball is even kicked but I'll have to go for Clonoe or Ardboe! Just don't think Errigal have what it takes to retain the title which wud be a remarkable feat and I'm tipping Clonoe just for the quality of there side and the form McAliskey is showing already! On dromore I think there defeat in last years final will have a major negative effect on them and with McCullough retired and rumours of players working in England and not playing this year and porter also gone i can't see them doin it! As for ardboe I jst think there a side who is guna click and jst have a feeling B.McGuigan is guna win a championship at some stage before he retires!!
Any thought people?
Also my relegation tips wud be Augher and Cookstown! I think it's a major step for Augher and it will be great experience for future years to have played senior ball because i believe they will get back but don't think as a team there ready for it now with quality wise! As for Cookstown I jst don't think there a team who have that spirit to stay up and when things go wrong they jst give up,it's all right when there winning wk in and wk out but they need more leaders when the going gets tough!!

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