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Joe Canning retires

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I thought he'd more club. Near as many county club as AI club - you wouldn't see that in many clubs.

Some amount of honours.


From the Bunker:

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--- Quote from: nrico2006 on July 28, 2021, 08:44:25 PM ---Never forget his debut against Cork, but the two things that stand out the most are that reverse hand-pass and the swivel goal against Kilkenny where he should have been hooked but the man had magic in his wrists.

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Was his debut not earlier that year V Antrim in Casement in the qualifiers ?

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To be pedantic, I think his debut came V Cork in the league semi-final in Limerick, a game they won, and he scored a typical sideline. Lost the final to Tipp' but even then he stood apart.

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Austin Gleeson's successful sideline cut puts him into joint second of the championship's all-time scoring list. His point puts him on eight, level with Clare's 1970's maestro Mick Moroney...he still has some way to catch the man in front however.

Joe Canning is on 28 and counting.

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You reckon he'll be back?

I don't think he's the type to be retiring more than once...

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You often find, players that come on the scene very young don't last long into their 30's or fade out badly.



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