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I am in final year of college at the moment and I am seriously considering training to be a Garda.  I am from the north, however, so I don't know anyone who has recently trained.  I tried to register my interest at but cannot since I don't have a PPs number! 

Can anyone advise how long it normally takes to train and how often recruitment takes place?  Also, is it hard to get in?

In addition, if anyone who is a Garda could give me any advice that would be great.

Thanks in advance

did you try e-mailing them;

Thanks juice, missed that, I'll do it now.

Would still like to hear from any Gardaí or anyone familiar with the application process though if possible!

Don't know much about the application process but have a mate from Fermanagh who finished training about two years ago around the same time another mate was passing out at Garnerville. Got the impression it was handier all round to get through the Garda training.

behind the wire:
Her name is Anna, shes from Buncrana


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