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China Coronavirus

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--- Quote from: J70 on June 17, 2021, 12:32:49 PM ---I just finished renovating part of my house, and I want to furnish it.

The shelves in Ikea are basically f**king bare, as the pandemic has basically shut down their manufacturing completely and Ikea cannot say when they'll be fully stocked and back to business as usual. We can't get beds or the shelving we want. We did manage to get an order in for a couch from Pottery Barn or some other higher end shop back in March, but we won't see delivery of it until September!

Several major car companies, including Ford and Subaru, literally shut down their production lines in the US for a couple of months due to the chip shortage. The same shortage is affecting production of phones, computers, game consoles and other electronics. Anyone able to buy a PS5 for their kid yet?

On what f**king planet do governments want these shortages and inflationary pressures as they try to reopen economies and get life back to normal so they can keep their jobs at the next elections?

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No but I got one for myself.

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Try and buy a good cycling road bike that isn't  XXS or XXL, ones waiting months  & months

Evil Genius:
Well, well, well.

Anyone remember a few months back, when the EU lambasted Astra Zeneca for not delivering vaccines they'd ordered* and took them to Court?

Well guess what?

Coronavirus: Setback for EU in legal fight with AstraZeneca

The EU has lost a legal battle in Brussels to force Anglo-Swedish drug maker AstraZeneca to supply 120m doses of Covid-19 vaccine by the end of June.

It went to court last month after the company delayed shipment of the vital vaccines, having originally committed to supply 300m doses by the same date.

However, the EU demand was not satisfied by the judge in Brussels.

But the judge did impose a deadline on AstraZeneca to supply doses to the EU over the summer or face hefty fines.

The judge at the Court of First Instance in Brussels ordered that AstraZeneca should deliver a total of 80.2m doses by 27 September.

Welcoming the court order, AstraZeneca said it had already supplied more than 70m doses to the EU and would "substantially exceed" 80.2m doses by the end of June.

* - No suggestion that this was mere bluster, designed to conceal their own bureaucratic omnishambles in organising a vaccine roll-out, while punishing the UK for getting it right. Oh no, not at all.

The court found that AZ were derelict, it just did not order them to produce a load of vaccine, possibly because nobody in Europe now wants more of it.

As the FT reports
In a ruling on Friday, a court in Brussels criticised AstraZeneca for a “serious breach” of its contract with the EU after repeated shortfalls but refused to impose a new schedule

And AZ did not supply the goods ordered, they merely had slippery language in their contract like many cheats.

Did I just hear the BBC Commentator say if England lose the Euro semis & final because of Covid it could go to Hungary? Christ that would be an uber humiliation for Bojo and the boys.


--- Quote from: bennydorano on June 19, 2021, 02:03:49 PM ---Did I just hear the BBC Commentator say if England lose the Euro semis & final because of Covid it could go to Hungary? Christ that would be an uber humiliation for Bojo and the boys.

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It’s something to do with the big wigs and sponsors having to quarantine before attending the semis/final. It’s obviously a threat that Boris will bow down to. One rule for the millionaires, another for the peasants.


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