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💩 DUP C*ntwatch - "These Poots were made for walking..."

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While their public behaviour is pretty well known in these parts, I think it's only fair that if a dedicated thread is there for Sinn Fein, the SDLP & Fine Gael, then it's only fair that the DUP should have one for themselves too to keep all notes of their (mostly c*ntish) deeds in one place.

Anyhoo, Nelson McCausland has risen from the bottom of the septic tank to remind people again of how big of a **** he is.

Nelson McCausland: Northern Ireland will prosper once it’s rid of the EU... not by being tied to ‘economics of the leprechaun’
Talk of an ‘all-Ireland economy’ is just a Trojan horse for republicans’ goal of Irish unity, writes Nelson McCausland

This could hit record page numbers

100 page thread by Christmas.

What does the Belfast bellylaugh hope to gain by publishing that?

red hander:
Nelson 'Red Sky' McCausland, failed politician and kilt-wearing all-round bigot. Tele is just a DUP propaganda sheet, but as no one buys the rag anymore (its circulation has plummeted), I wouldn't get too annoyed, it's in its death throes...

Won't this be a bit like the football All Ireland, McCausland will win every round?


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