Name your three favourite songs by... [Oasis]

Started by AustinPowers, November 30, 2023, 06:08:24 PM

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Sometimes you cant make it on your own


Armagh Girl


The Unforgettable Fire
With or Without You
Even better than the real thing

I really struggled to name three . I used to be a big U2 fan  and have a  few of their albums , but I  haven't listened to any in  over 20 years. My music  tastes  have changed , and I've  come to the conclusion that U2 really aren't  that great.


There was one where in the video Bono is singing and this guy comes on stage and cuts his head off with a chainsaw and holds up his decapitated head in the air and the f**ker is still singing.

Or was that a sweet sweet dream I had...


Wouldn't be a U2 fan but can appreciate that if Bono had have endured an unfortunate accident after Rattle and Hum, it would have been a tidy back catalogue.

1. Running to Stand Still
2. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
3. Angel of Harlem.


Cunny Funt

Sunday bloody Sunday

Still haven't found what I'm looking for

Streets have No Name 

Tony Baloney

Some massive albums in 1987 - The Joshua Tree, Appetite, Sign O The Times, Bad...

3 from The Joshua Tree

1. Red Hill Minning Town
2. Running to Stand Still
3. Streets


Angel of Harlem.
Out of Contol(live)
That's it.
Questions that shouldn't be asked shouldn't be answered

time ticking away

canavan is the man canavan is the man ee aye adi ooh.......


Well.....The U2 chat  dried up very quickly .

Are we done with  them already?

quit yo jibbajabba

Streets have no name
Van Diemens Land for a curveball lol