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--- Quote from: Captain Scarlet on October 07, 2021, 12:20:11 PM ---McEntee wasn't expected was it? Obviously delighted to see Meath in turmoil and I am agin Jacko at Kerry too now, so I am happy to see gripes and the likes in both place.

But who is lined up for Meath?

--- End quote ---

To answer your question, NO ONE!!

That would have meant there was a plan or something resembling forward thinking by the board.

This is the most bone headed knee jerk decision I’ve seen since the 2010 debacle. Honestly this seems like nothing more than a few disgruntled heads angry about the U20s. Ever since then there have been a good few clueless ejits shouting “Andy Out” on social media with no idea of who’d replace him, maybe Bernard Flynn because…..??? No idea, or Colm O’Rourke who is Stone Age judging by his punditry.

Whether you like him or not Andy is passionate about Meath, that’s why he gets a bit mad, And that’s fine by me. He gives a damn. and he’ll stick around and not f**k off to Kerry or wherever.

You won’t even get that passion from O’Rourke or Flynn either. They’ve got a comfortable life in journalism and punditry. They’ll put their hand in for a year or two with a large back room team to do the real work no doubt and if it doesn’t go well they’ll jump. Andy had a rough few years to begin with but stuck to it and it was starting to pay off. There have been a few wobbles recently like losing to Kildare in the league this year but you can’t ignore the effects the pandemic has had too.

From the Bunker:
McEntee will have plenty of lucrative offers from Dublin Clubs. He made sure to no burn that bridge when he was on Prime Time when they done a bit on Dublin's financial Doping/advantages. He gave Pat Gilroy a free pass that night.

I hope Kildare can compete in Leinster again. They have a serious statement of intent made anyways, which might boost players' morale.

PS, no harm to be bitter Scarlet. A bit of 'get it off your chest' never did anyone harm.

Captain Scarlet:
I'm due another rant after this -

So, Kerry fans make sure to read Jack's body language as he doesn't always actually tell you what he is doing.

He was on the Podcast at the end of August where he was introduced as the CURRENT Kildare manager. But, again it's hard to read the body language over Zoom...

Like FFS!

Andy McEntee has been given the go-ahead to oversee what will be his sixth season in charge of the Meath senior football team.

The Nobber native got the nod after an emergency county board meeting in Trim's Knightsbrook Hotel tonight, with the vote on his future as Royals boss falling at the hands of the club delegates.


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