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Who makes the best hurls?
Ive seen alot of kids using kilkenny stars recently also known as dowlings, also plenty using brian walsh sticks.
Just wondering who is regarded as the best hurl maker today? Kids due new ones but find the torpey sticks in oneills garbage and bourkes hurls far too heavy. These are the shops selling hurls close to me in belfast, heard a fella saying juvenile hurls the ash wont be great no matter who the maker is, not sure how true this rings though.

Star Dowling Conahy
Brian Walsh Enniscorthy
John Ryan Littleton

From the Bunker:
Ash dieback the big problem ahead!

Baile an tuaigh:
I have a hurl belonging to Colin Fennelly, I see he uses “the star” Hurley Kilkenny. So that’s a man who has two all stars and  9 all Ireland senior medals between club and county, two national leagues so that might be an endorsement right there.

Milltown Row2:
In all my years hurling, and that was up to my mid to late 40's I've only ever bought 2 new sticks, one broke in the first game in front of the hurly maker ;D I let him know what I felt about the stick at the time

The other hurls I 'bought' were second hand fixed hurls from lads that left them with someone who would have fixed hurls and never came back for them!

The stick had matured and seasoned, having been fixed it was stronger actually in the place were it was fixed so it generally never broke again in that area

If you are a bad stick man you'll break plenty sticks, hurls are a personal choice so if Fennelly uses a 'star' hurl its because the lad that makes it uses a copy or replica and shapes his new hurl accordingly and ensures the weight is were he wants it..

He'll not go to a bag of hurls and just take one cause it feels right, the top players have to have it the same otherwise they'll not strike the ball as they are used too.


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