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What TV to Buy

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The Real Laoislad:

--- Quote from: kinghen on September 17, 2008, 05:01:58 PM ---this is of interest to me also, we are in the process of moving house at the minute and the aul pair have come to me on advice for which tv to get, for me the bigger the better really, im plumpin for a 42 inch maybe a 52 at a push, is hd worth the extra money, suppose it'll me mostly for sports and possibly films at the weekend (and a weekly dose of greys anatomy  :-[ )

--- End quote ---

I can't honestly see the difference between HD and Standard,I hear people saying there is a massive difference but i just can't see any

Have a Samsung 37" and haven't had a problem.
Forget about the Plasma and maybe just get the LCD HD ready but you pay extra for anything to do with the HD and then you've to pay extra to Sky or whoever to recieve all your channels in HD mode. Waste of money for very little difference if you ask me.

over 42" and its a plasma,  up to 42" i would go for an LCD. - buy HD ready only

again with most things it all depends on how much you are willing to spend on a TV

most makes are very good, from the Sony, Panny, samsung, LG etc.

I used to work part time in an electrical shop which sold its fair share of tv's. 1 make and 1 make only to go for - the Panasonic Viera range. These tv's are the best about by a country mile and the majority of experts will tell you this.

Generally the rule of thumb is that if you are going to go above 37", go for a plasma. Anything below 37", an LCD is your best bet. Basically LCD tv's have a liquid crystal display while plasma tv's are filled with gas.

Another issue to take on board is where the tv is going. Big living rooms and sitting rooms are brilliant for plasmas while smaller rooms are more suited to LCD's. One very important thing to note is the amount of light in the room you are going to put the tv in. If there is a substantial amount of light coming in then an LCD is wholly advisable. However, if light is at a minumum then go for a plasma as they will show deeper colours in darker rooms.

IF you opt for a 42" then the TH42PZ81B Plasma HD 1080p would be your best bet. This also comes with FreeSat built in. You will probably pay in and around 1000 for this model. Of course there are also entry level HD ready Panasonic 42's which you will get for around 700 to 800 but if you want to go for the latest and most up to date one then it has to be the TH42PZ81B Plasma HD 1080p.

this is a nice little sony which is just out / coming out

sony 40W4500


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