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What TV to Buy

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Highly recommend lads

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In the market for a TV as last one fcuked.

Whats good about this one.

Are there likely to be reductions on black Friday?

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If you use IPTV this is the tv for you - no fire stick required as its already built in. I also find it very responsive compared to using the firestick plugged into the tv.

I purchased a 65" for 599 4K Ultra HD which i found to be excellent value.

Resolution doesn't equate to picture quality. If you've the money and are prepared to spend it, an OLED from LG or QLED from Samsung or MicroLED from whoever is light years ahead of anything else in the market. A TV simply being labelled 4K or Ultra HD is meaningless. It should be pretty difficult to buy a new TV these days that isn't 4K.


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