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Lads, will be moving into a house shortly and need to buy a new TV for the sitting room. Probably either a 32" or 42" - haven't decided yet.
Am just wondering what type of TV would be regarded as the better buy - e.g. LCD vs Plasma vs CRT etc. and HD ready vs HD enabled etc?
I haven't a clue what these different types of TVs mean or what HD ready vs HD enabled means.
I would watch quite a lot of sport if that makes a difference?

I'm on the market for one too. Is Freesat worth getting for HD channels?

this is of interest to me also, we are in the process of moving house at the minute and the aul pair have come to me on advice for which tv to get, for me the bigger the better really, im plumpin for a 42 inch maybe a 52 at a push, is hd worth the extra money, suppose it'll me mostly for sports and possibly films at the weekend (and a weekly dose of greys anatomy  :-[ )

The Real Laoislad:
Wouldn't buy anything only Sony

I have a samsung and its excellent, panasonic, toshiba etc also can be excellent.


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