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I play a lot of golf and have a handicap of about 8, the problem is that from October to the end of March you cant play around here because it is so feckin cold so I take the odd long weekend and head off to warmer climes to get to play a bit, now this really messes with your game and handicap because I would play off about twelve or thirteen in the winter months and I get back down to 7 or eight just as the season is coming to an end and that blows.

The great thing is that I can join a good club over here for $500.00 and play all summer long, I used to play warrenpoint back in the day and it cost me about 22 quid for 18 holes and I shudder to think what it costs now.

Square Ball:
Warrenpoint fees now:



sure thats only about what 50euro? I played in Druids Glen in Wicklow last summer and it was 90euro and it should have been more only my  brother was getting married there so we got a reduced rate

Thanks square ball. One of these years I am going to come home to play in the harps outing but I really want to play the point to see how much I have improved, the last time I played it I shot an 87 but I think I can do a bit better, it is a lovely course.

Armagh Golf Course is really getting worse, every time I go home I play there and it is in worse shape.

Anyone have good tips for a new Driver? Wanna spend around 200-300euro


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