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The Covid all Ireland hurling championship 2020/21

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Munster SHC 1/4 final (Doubles up as Allianz Hurling League Div 1 final)

Limerick v Clare 

Munster SHC semi-finals

Cork v Waterford

Tipperary v Limerick/Clare

Leinster SHC 1/4 final

Laois v Dublin

Leinster SHC semi-finals

Galway v Wexford

Laois/Dublin v Kilkenny


24/25 October
Allianz Football League Round 7
Munster SHC 1/4-final
Leinster SHC 1/4 final
Christy Ring and Nickey Rackard 1/4 finals
Joe McDonagh & Lory Meagher Round 1

31 October/ 1 November

Connacht SFC 1/4 finals
Munster SFC 1/4 finals
Leinster SFC Round 1
Ulster SFC preliminary round/1/4 finals
Munster SHC semi-finals
Leinster SHC semi-finals
Joe McDonagh & Lory Meagher Round 2
Christy Ring & Nickey Rackard semi-finals & relegation semi-finals

7/8 November

Connacht SFC semi-finals
Munster SFC semi-finals
Leinster SFC 1/4 finals
Ulster SFC 1/4 finals
All-Ireland SHC Qualifier Round 1 (2 games)
Joe McDonagh Round 3 (1 Game)
Christy Ring & Nickey Rackard Relegation finals
Lory Meagher Round 3

14/15 November 

Connacht SFC final
Leinster SFC semi-finals
Ulster SFC semi-final
Leinster SHC final
Munster SHC final
All-Ireland SHC Qualifier Round 2 (2 games)
Joe McDonagh Round 3 (1 game)
Christy Ring, Nickey Rackard & Lory Meagher finals

21/22 November

Leinster SFC final 
Joe McDonagh Round 4
All-Ireland SHC quarter-finals (2 games)
Munster SFC final
Ulster SFC final
Bord Gáis Energy All-Ireland U20 SHC final

28/29 November

All-Ireland SHC semi-final (Leinster champion v 1/4 final winner)
Joe McDonagh Round 5
All-Ireland SHC semi-final (Munster champions v 1/4 final winner)
All-Ireland MFC semi-finals
All-Ireland MHC semi-finals

5/6 December

All-Ireland SFC semi-final (Leinster champion v Ulster champion)
All-Ireland SFC semi-final (Connacht champion v Munster champion)
All-Ireland MFC final
All-Ireland MHC final

13 December
All-Ireland SHC final
Joe McDonagh final

19 December
All-Ireland SFC final

1/4 finals?

how this that worked out?

I presume two of the teams are the beaten provincial finalists, but how are the other two worked out?

they should have done a 16 team knockout or even a super 8 type tournament with 6 teams getting byes  to the super 8 and 4 teams playing for two spots in the super 8


--- Quote from: johnnycool on June 29, 2020, 04:40:24 PM ---1/4 finals?

how this that worked out?

I presume two of the teams are the beaten provincial finalists, but how are the other two worked out?

--- End quote ---
2 qualifiers from the backdoor. go to.semi..
I imagine.

I have gone to a lot of championship matches on August  and a lfew championship matches in November.  Championship is summer hurling. The hay saved.

Nobody saves hay in November because it rains too much and grass doesn't grow.

Would Tipp have the legs for intense mullocking 6 weekends in a row ?
 I think the bookies will struggle to price it this year.


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