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Can anyone tell me how an u20 grade with an u17 will help clubs?

At county level it suits but an u20 team will surely be a problem for Reserve and Senior teams. Players who have made the senior team may not want to play u20. If playing u20 and senior is there not a burn out issue?

Love to see a document showing the benefits of the changes for clubs - anyone have one?

Antrim / Belfast GAA is dying...
« on: February 17, 2017, 09:44:25 PM »
Anyone worried at the state of the GAA Belfast?

- Colin Gaels field no boys team in hurling and football
- McDermotts has folded 3 or4 years ago
- Dwyers has no teams
- St Agnes/Eire Og/ Lisburn are amalgamated at juvenile level to field
- St Teresas & Davitts aren't fielding at u16 and minor

Many clubs are also struggling with only one pitch unlike many south west clubs who have 2 pitches....

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