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GAA Discussion / Crown Jewels on Tour
November 15, 2015, 11:57:56 PM
Joe Brolly has an interesting anecdote to Roscommon  in today's Sindo.

Essentially its in paragraph 3 that's the interesting bit about a former Roscommon team parading themselves naked  through the Hotel after a game. I don't know if they won the game or not but maybe some of the folk on here can answer ?

Also this happened (I think) when Ross were in Div1. 
So will it be again the norm now they are back?
GAA Discussion / Eamonn Fitz. Not up to his ratings?
September 21, 2015, 02:02:39 PM
After watching yesterdays final I think Eamonn Fitzmaurice's ratings have plummeted. Pat Spillane defended him big time but his decision making on the line was bizarre. For instance...

1: He took off both Geaney and O'Donoghue who were the only 2 forwards I remember to score from play for Kerry.
2: He could and probably should have started Donaghy or at least left O'Donoghue on beside him.  Wet day may not have suited Donaghy but the conditions didn't suit defenders either.
3: What exactly was Colm Cooper's role ? A day later and I still can't figure it out. He ended up defending half the time.
4: Sacrificing your star midfielder for a player who retired some years ago. Bizarre decision unless he was injured and even then had Kerry no one else except a guy over the hill? Didn't show a lot of faith in the younger panel.
5: What was the row between himself and Diarmuid Murphy?
6: All of the subs were for guys who arguably are past their peak. Sheehan, Donaghy, O'Sullivan and Galvin. Looked like he was giving them one last run out in Croke Park. Did he not take the final seriously?

If this was Mayo he would be lynched in the media and online. Personally I thought he was lucky last year.

Was he found out this year?

New Management, somewhat new backroom, same team that got to 2 successive finals and lost out narrowly last year in a semi.

What are the expectations this year from the fans for the team and management? Is it All Ireland or bust? Or would a Connacht title retention and getting to the semi-finals be adequate for ratifying the new managements capabilities?