Author Topic: David Clifford to surpass the Gooch?  (Read 16597 times)


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Re: David Clifford to surpass the Gooch?
« Reply #120 on: June 12, 2021, 08:35:56 PM »
Team game.
John Divilly has one or maybe even 2 AI medals.
CiarŠn McDonald hasn't any.

Gaelic footballers are measured on AI medals. It's a snobbery thing, usually measured by counties who win AI's.

Are or arenít?

Plenty of fantastic footballers from counties who didnít win the all Ireland and it doesnít make them any less. You look at Marty forde, Declan Browne, dermot Earley etc etc . They are well remembered.

The Dublin setup is so good that on an individual level I am not sure as many will be remembered as should be.


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