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Change underage back to u14,16,18

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Truth hurts:
What is everyone's take on this? I personally think that we should change back to the old way. The gap from u17 to senior is massive and let's be honest about it, u19 competitions are a joke. In Down, it was run off like a go games blitz and only a handful of teams entered as your best u19s are involved in seniors. It was ok the way it was!

Would rather the 13.5 or 14.5 age groups be allowed to keep lads playing with people their same year in school.


--- Quote from: Armagh18 on October 04, 2021, 03:12:30 PM ---Would rather the 13.5 or 14.5 age groups be allowed to keep lads playing with people their same year in school.

--- End quote ---
That's worth looking at I think, it makes a big difference when they're younger.

I'm not sure it makes a big difference any more with U17 or U18. Most lads aren't breaking into senior teams until 19 or 20 because they're not physically ready. I agree the U19 wasn't run well in Down, some of our lads were playing 4 games a week at one stage with the senior league compressed as well this year. Sort of goes against the reasoning behind going to the odd numbers to reduce the demand on the players in that overlapping group.

My kids started playing soccer lately and the big advantage I see there is no crossover in ages, they've U10s, 11s, 12s etc and they're not expected to play for 2 teams, never mind across 2 ages at both codes.

Pick one setup (odd or even), stick to it, and stop f$%#ing around with it. Mayo are doing a split year which has been messy.


--- Quote from: Duine Inteacht Eile on October 04, 2021, 04:02:08 PM ---Iím not against it but why does keeping them in school years make a big difference?

The big advantage soccer has, from what I can see, is that they donít struggle for numbers. They are able to field a few teams at every age group.
Then again, giving kids a shed load of games on a consistent and regular basis will attract them.

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From my own experience, I have a wee lad who graduated from u12s to u15.5 this year as opposed to going into u14s due to the changes.
He's was in 2nd year, small-average size for his age. First night at training he was training with 4th years, some of which are touching the 6ft height and built like tanks. He was intimidated out of it but I was also worried he'd get hurt against lads so big.
As it happened he did pick up an injury which kept him out for the rest of the year and now he's very reluctant to go back.

It doesn't matter what way you look at it, a 2nd year vs a 4th year is not sensible in my mind. This is why I think they should keep it at school years.
The schools have year group based competitions for this reason.


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