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The next 10 all Irelands

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If the new championship  format becomes like the Super 8ís on steroids, then it will only be the likes of Dublin Kerry and Tyrone fit to compete, as they are the only ones with extended squads with enough quality

The likes of Monaghan Roscommon Galway Armagh Kildare etc could beat a big team once, but not 3 or 4 times in the same season, as  thatís what will be required to get near to  winning Sam.

Youíd like to think the likes of Derry Sligo minors, Offaly u20s coming through in a few years will challenge but the odds are stacked against them

so basically the same 3 or 4 teams will be winning it and people will think its great

I think Dublin will win 6 or 7 of the next 10. Kerry maybe 2 and 2 go up to ulster, Tyrone and maybe donegal 1 a piece.

This new format seems a bit off to me so you only have to win 3 games to win an all Ireland (if you look at it 
separately from league) and some teams in division 1 will not get a chance and some division 4 team will seems like teams are getting punished for being division 1  i would rather them do a 16  team open draw knockout for division 1 and 2 division 3 and 4 can play the tier 2 cup  than this proposed format.Also will there be any point of having  a league final if the all Ireland would now be effectively an extension of the league.

A decade is a long time. For instance, it is not impossible that this years minor champions Meath could build a team that could be in contention at the end of the decade. If Dublin fall back a bit and the likes of Meath can see a good prospect of winning Leinster then they could come back into the top 4 teams. In 1990, would someone have predicted that 10 years later there wouldn't be much between Kerry, Galway and Armagh.


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