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I had reason to contact SF and the SDLP over an issue my wife was having.  Neither of them really did anything about it even though it was clearly within their power to do so, shinners sent an email while the SDLP did a bit of donkey work in terms of phone calls, emails, letters, I won't go into details on here about it for obvious reasons but nothing seemed to work.  By chance I happened to bump into Ken Magennis on a bus from Belfast to Enniskillen and I thought I would chance my arm with him.  I was wearing an Armagh shirt at the time and had a bit of craic with him about Tyrone and that he was a bit of a hypocrite watching matches on TV when he wouldn't go to one if it was on a Sunday.  He proved to be way more helpful than either of the SDLP or the shinners.

Hurler on the Bitch:
Jeyes - yer wan Ritchie really is hard to like! She seems to lack any human or personal touch that would appeal to the masses. Also, would be the last one to laugh at a joke methinks as humour would not be her strong point. Just goes to show: once a schoolteacher, always a schoolteacher - I'm sure many in the SDLP ranks have had had a degrading lecture from that ice maiden. God help her other half - if there is one?


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Maith duit

To be honest, I don't think Ritchie is the worst politician - she seems to do a decent job as DSD Minister and I get the impression she's very genuine. But she's a terrible public speaker, very unnatural, and a poor choice as party leader.

The SDLP will always have a core vote and I think it's important the Nationalists have an alternative to SF.

Main Street:
Wearing the Armagh shirt was the key, brought out the sympathy for a constituent who can only suffer so much.


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