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Silver hill:

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--- Quote from: smort on October 18, 2021, 09:47:30 AM ---It might have been entertaining but the quality was lacking. Wouldn't have been an intermediate final in many counties.

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Football snobbery at its finest there!

That’s a bit like someone incorrectly assuming Tyrone club football isn’t up to much because their winners rarely if ever, do anything in the Ulster Club.

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Although Tyrone teams, especially at intermediate and junior, are often very good. The senior teams in tyrone are very good too but just not at the level off the top clubs in the province

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Or perhaps it is because the lack of challenges other clubs have in their county (Kilcoo/Crossmaglen) means they are fresher coming into the Ulster Club while the Tyrone champions will have likely had to plough through quality opposition to get there.

See Kerry/Dublin as evidence in their provinces

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Horse manure.
In Tyrone, it is a brilliant championship because it is straight knockout and there are maybe 8 teams with a genuine shout of winning it in any given year.
But to try to argue that after 4 competitive games to win the county, that they are somehow disadvantaged when it comes to Ulster…..that’s just delusional. Maybe after 25 years of no success the conclusion just might be that they are not good enough?

Would agree however, that the  Standard in junior and intermediate in Tyrone is broadly higher than the rest of Ulster.

Such is the challenge, winning Tyrone means more to the clubs involved than winning Ulster, its bonus territory, not overly arsed

Whereas Cross and others flipped that paradigm due to their local dominance, Armagh meant nothing, only a starter for the main course

In Tyrone the main course in the Senior champ, Ulster is desert, take it or leave it

Silver hill:
When no team has done any damage in Ulster for 25 odd years, I suppose that’s the easy way to justify it; as in, we’re so exhausted and have put so much into it, we’re not really that bothered about it……until Trillick or errigal actually do win it and then the narrative will change.

Main Street:
For Cross in their hey day, Ulster was just a mile marker along the way to AI champions.


--- Quote from: tiempo on October 18, 2021, 11:46:19 AM ---
--- Quote from: imtommygunn on October 18, 2021, 08:22:25 AM ---It was about as off the ground as the pick up was for Peter Canavan's point in 95...

Very enjoyable game.

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Some mount of shite in the rule book too

1.2 When the ball is on the ground, it may be played by any part of the body except the hand(s). It may be lifted off the ground with the feet.


(i) The goalkeeper may play the ball on the ground with his hand(s) inside his own small rectangle.

(ii) Any player who falls or is knocked to the ground while in possession of the ball may fist or palm the ball away on the ground, and may score by so doing.

(iii) The ball may not be lifted off the ground with the knees.

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The Mohill player wasn't in possession so a penalty should have been called? Have regularly seen play waved on when players picks the ball off the ground with their knees. The lack of consistency remains


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