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Bud Wiser:
Has anyone any idea how to get around this problem?  If one of us has a cert posting it here seems to be a problem and last week a nag tumbled from 16/1 down to 6/1.  An eejit down the road went around all the pubs telling everyone like he owned the horse, not that I am sorry for the bookies or anything but it kinda slashed the odds.

Posting at the last hour is no use either because the odds can be slashed on the course. Hiding a tip in an unassociated thread means punters like O'Neill with loads of money might not get to see it unless he is interested in that particular thread.

Is it acceptable to mail tips to those who backed last weeks nag or is this seen as spam?

Is anyone from the DB going to the Punchestown Festival?

Square Ball:
E-mail would be the way to go Bud, do think it would be seen as spam if it was sent to say 10-15 people at a time, I am in a distribution list of 50 for my club and all these are let in by my provider.

Goats Do Shave:
Have ye got another tip Bud??  :o

Bogball XV:
tbh bud, (i forgot all about last weeks tip btw - heard the result on the radio and silently swore repeatedly to myself)
I don't think that the post on here are what makes the price move, as you no doubt know - there's a pile more money going on those horses than will ever be coming from the likes of us small punters - additionally, many people (if they've any sense) pay little or no heed to tips, because as you know if search long enough, every horse in a race will be tipped somewhere, so if somebody comes along and tells me "yer man on the gaa board reckons x will win today at 20/1", I'll say "right, how does he know, has he a record of giving decent tips.....", basically, unless I'll have a look at the horse too and if you've got a decent track record (as you undoubtedly have now), i'll think about it.
So what's this tip today??

It's not spam if you opt in. And Bud, if you're going to email me another Controvento, I DEFINITELY OPT IN!

Hardyarse at hotmail dot com.

PM would be easier.

Anyway Bud, get on yourself first and let the rest of us take our chances. 6/1 is a good alternative to nothing, even if it could have been 16/1.


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