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Rufus T Firefly:
Just to mention a few dates coming up that may be of interest.

70s Night in the Club - Saturday 18th November (organised by the Ladies Football Team)

Harps Annual Mass - St Malachys Chapel - Thursday 23rd November 7.30 pm

AGM - Monday 27th November (* Please note that Nomination/Motions Forms are available from the Club - these must be submitted by Friday 24th november at the latest.)

Presentation Night - Saturday 9th December in the Club

Race Day - Fairyhouse - Saturday 10th March :)

Rufus T Firefly:
Just a reminder to Harps punters here that the Annual Mass in memory of deceased members is in St Malachys tonight at 7.30pm.

Rufus, can you shed any light on the U-21 fixture with the Nab.

Just waiting on the county board????

Rufus T Firefly:

--- Quote from: Spiritof98 on November 23, 2006, 11:31:08 AM ---Rufus, can you shed any light on the U-21 fixture with the Nab.

Just waiting on the county board????

--- End quote ---

I would assume Spirit that it might have to take a back seat until the Nab are out of the Ulster Club - and that might come quicker than expected if the noises emanating from Danny Murphy are anything to go by!  :o

Rufus T Firefly:
AGM held in the Club tonight. Crowd was about par for the course over recent years; 45-50. Good though to see a few new younger faces at what would be (I would guess) their first AGM.

James Clifford as Chair kept a tight rein on the schedule and it was over by 10.20pm.  :)

Most officers returned unopposed and good to see several new faces on the Committee.

For the record;

Chairman - James Clifford,
Vice Chairman - John Rath
Acting Secretary - Colm O'Hare
Assistant Secretary - Colm O'Hare
Treasurer - Kieran Grimley
Assistant Treasurer - Conor Moore
Youth Officer - Paul McKenna
Registrar - Art McGinn

Committee; Pearse Dynes, Paul Rath, Eugen Fagan, Phil McGinn, Simon Clarke, Malachy Geraghty, Mick McKenna, Paula Powell, Leo Duffy, Gerry Cauldwell, Martin McKenna, Martin Gill and Brenda Gill.

By the way, thanks to Randal for phoning me on the mobile when I was making my report to the meeting!  :o

By the way - I don't get out too often - just heard, congratulations to Say Nothin and the wife after their recent addition. Welcome to my world kid!  ;) Hope everyone is keeping well! 


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