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Does anyone know why the decision to split the Senior and Intermediate divisions into A and B section was made?

Rufus T Firefly:
I think it was to try and make the matches more competitive. A spread of sixteen teams meant there were some major differences in terms of ability. Furthermore, with three being promoted / relegated, it meant that quite often there were a good number of teams who had little or nothing to play for from about half way through the season. Therefore what you have now is in effect five divisions, with promotion and relegation between each - the reference to Senior A and B and Intermediate A and B means that these leagues can still be linked to the Championships.

I would have to say that the powers that be made sure that everyone had the opportunity to have their say on the way forward - respect is due in that regard. 

Sure it is obviously working, aren't Harps heading the table! 

Intermediate seemed competitive enough..Junior was already spilt and was used to demonstrate competitiveness yet is now merged back into one? So in all reality it was to try and make senior football appear a bit more respectable given the teams coming up from intermediate weren't able to cut it apparently.

Ethan Tremblay:
Think itís a good idea, makes the senior league more competitive as the same 2/3 teams seem to pull away mid-season and the lower placed teams struggle badly every year, there was a huge gulf in difference and not all fixtures were fulfilled. 

Not sure what the thinking was behind this divisional cup competition though? With league and championships that would bring the minimum amount of games up to 18 at least? Between scheduled breaks, re fixtures, replays and county matches this could bring us well into October for possible league matches and divisional cup matches?


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