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Sure Arlene is retiring, is she not? He can try Fermanagh.
What do you mean? Arlene has already been replaced
If team A play a certain tactic it's up to team B to try and pick it apart. If two managers semd out defensive teams then no rule change will 'fix' that.

The default setting is to t**ker with the rules, rather than encourage tactical innovation. It's a consistently bad idea.

Believe  it or not BB, “defensive” football is not the scourge on our game. The real problem is that the impetus to attack is minimal for all teams, and especially so when in front. And the rules as they currently stand cater in full for an advantage to be gained by retaining the ball for endless periods in the most unskilled manner imaginable.

A rule change here isn’t a hopeful thing. It’s a necessity.

This is my point.

Retaining possession is bad so ban it.

Leaving aside the philosophical implications, how do you propose to ban keeping the ball?

I explained that above. I’m not proposing banning anyone keeping the ball. What I’m proposing (no backwards passing over either ‘65) is conceived to:

1. Reward defending teams for pushing up, by reducing the area available for their opponents to “keep ball” by 40 then 60%, as and when you push them out. Think of how enticing and rewarding this would be for a team chasing down a 3-4 point deficit in the closing minutes. Push up, push them out, make them play the ball.

2. Tilt the balance of territorial football vs possession football a little back towards territory, by virtue of if you move the ball quickly into an opponent’s half as they push up, that’s when you’ll enjoy more room in their half.

3. And in doing the above, force the current litter of conmen “coaches” who are ruining our sport through their retain the ball first, retain the ball always football. I promise you that any f**ker with a loud voice and a willingness to drop players can “coach” 15 men to play this shitty variant of the game. It is the most soulless and skill-less way to play football.


You know the most galling thing about their turgid muck that our game has been reduced to?

It’s this.

We’re now entering 10 full years since Jimmy ruined football. And in those 10 years, apart from Jimmy getting Donegal over the lien, I cannot think of a genuine shock result of importance that arose from employing these tactics.

It’s been a giant f**king waste of everyone’s time. And it needs to end.

Those were the days ........

2002 Ciaran Whelan goal v Armagh

I think I enjoyed that game more than any other, first full house in New Croke Park, glorious sunshine and end to end stuff.
The subsequent league game set an attendance record in Croke Park. It seems there will be crowd of similar proportions tomorrow, I hope the Dubs do not adopt their usual practice of booing the opposition when they come on to the field, it isn't necessary.
General discussion / Re: TV Show recommendations
« Last post by thewobbler on January 28, 2022, 11:44:54 PM »
Started 1883 the other night and I think it’s great.
I never watched Yellowstone but might look into it now.

Finished Yellowstone yesterday and watched the first 1883 episode then. Yellowstone is good but it's a bit mad just for the sake of it I enjoyed it alright but it's not particularly believable. The acting is very good though.

Enjoyed the start to 1883 it's looking a bit more gritty and believable thus far.
For my money 1883 is really enjoyable tv with a great cast and classic western storyline / themes.  Yellowstone was /is an upgrade on Dallas but just can't quite rinse off the soap.

Would agree with all that. Yellowstone is enjoyable TV but the central plot line (“everyone wants to take away our land, our way of life”) just isn’t nuanced enough for the show to become a classic. Instead it kind of has to settle for soap opera themes, dressed up in excessive violence. Amazing cinematography and some fine acting (Rip steals every scene) adds plus points back in.

1883 on the other hand has the makings of exceptional TV. The story can literally go anywhere, and for decades, and as fast or as slow as it likes. As you say, it’s sticking to classic western themes so the story will likely never come close to groundbreaking. But the overall story of American settlers is fascinating, and the subtle pacing and strong characters have made for brilliant viewing to date.
Laois / Re: 2022 National Football League
« Last post by Heshs Umpire on January 28, 2022, 11:34:24 PM »
Agree Heshs about Dillon especially when’s he’s playing  on the half back line . Very dynamic in everything he does . I fancy that half back of himself , Jol and O’Flynn . Lots of tenacity to there game .
Is there terrace in this place Heshs or a grass bank ?

No terrace on far side from stand. Just grass standing area. Can't remember if it was a bank or more level ground.
Antrim / Re: Antrim Football Thread
« Last post by Dreen on January 28, 2022, 11:33:28 PM »
You’re  taking the piss Jim, I suppose Oran Kearney has all the cross and passion lads playing soccer not hurling.

Cross and passion have really stepped up their work in hurling and camogie and Saint Louis have improved in the last 10 years with Dunloy input having helped. Around 10 of Dunloys winning team this year were past pupils of St Louis
If he crawls back to Lagan Valley that will be shameless.

Indeed, what does Pootsie do now ... was prepared to walk from his home constituency, but now isn't wanted in south Down ... they're some outfit.  This election can't come soon enough.
Laois / Re:  Leinster Under 20 Football Championship 2022
« Last post by Heshs Umpire on January 28, 2022, 11:32:29 PM »
Any team from us Hesh?
Sorry, no, only heard it was a draw, that's all.
Antrim / Re: Antrim Football Thread
« Last post by JimStynes on January 28, 2022, 11:24:11 PM »
As much as football is the main sport in the SW, hurling will be the sport that has and will be for a while to come number one in St Louis, St Mary's and Cross and Passion.

I never knew St. Louis was a hurling school. I never really hear them winning much. I thought it was mainly Maghera and St Mary’s Belfast who were the usual suspects for finals.
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