Author Topic: Rory Gallagher, the new Cavan man  (Read 10754 times)


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Re: Rory Gallagher, the new Cavan man
« Reply #45 on: November 17, 2006, 01:08:25 PM »
believebelieve you don't like all this emphasis on individuals and in one phrase you have hit on the malaise that has blighted Cavan football for a few years now. Our entire emphasis has been on cow towing to a number of individual players who are legends in their own minds but have singularly failed to produce the goods when required. The overwhelming opinion on the Cavan GAA thread at the end of this years championship was that it was time for a clear out, take our medicine for a few years but build on the basis of lads who want to put in, play for Cavan and put the team first. Not 100 miles removed from Mulgrews approach in fact.  Keoghans first step is to court a player who some would consider more of an individual than a team player, and not only that, whose motiviations in wanting to play for Cavan are a bit un-clear.

Like any long suffering Cavan man I hope to christ it works out.
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