Author Topic: Another Kerry player fails a doping test  (Read 21087 times)


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Re: Another Kerry player fails a doping test
« Reply #210 on: May 02, 2020, 08:11:22 PM »

this is what grinds my gears, lad at 35 not many years left and he cant even play club football because hes held to a higher set of rules than the other lads who are still able to play. With the Anti doping surely the ban should only apply to Inter County football/ Hurling? Gutted for the fella

A well known LoI player got 2 years for pissing off home without pissing. He failed to give a sample, 2 years, thats how seriously thay take it. He is banned from all soccer globally for 2 years. No dropping down to the pub leagues. Not insured to train .Thats how it works, they may only test at a certsin level, but if you are caught, thats you.

You can't have a situation where an open and shut steroid abuser can get caught and play away at club.

How many times did he miss a test before he got banned?

One. Failed to provide a sample. Went home. 2 years.

I always thought you got a couple of chances before a ban. Every day is a school day

Same as Rio. He failed the test by failing to take the test. I think the severity was he was in the room with a bottle of water and just decided to leave.

I must have been getting confused with USADA and their three strikes policy, though to be fair that's based on an athlete not updating USADA where they will be at any given time (you could see how that could easily be missed once) as opposed to leaving a game without giving a sample after being asked to.

The case BB is talking about is that the player knew that a sample was being requested but essentially refused to give a sample by leaving. If the tester can't get in contact, it can be an "honest" mistake and it's a 3 strikes policy I think

I'd have zero sympathy for this lad from Carlow, should be a lifetime ban imo