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Re: Documentaries
« Reply #225 on: September 19, 2020, 06:31:07 PM »
I find it incredulous how any self respecting nationalist could ever lobby for FF/FG like you have, their record and attitude to northern nationalists has never been anything short of despicable. So I'm only surprised you are not following your normal Uncle Tom routine.

Duh! I am a northern nationalist, I just don't get my opinion downloaded from some apparatchik at Connolly House.
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Re: Documentaries
« Reply #226 on: September 19, 2020, 07:35:30 PM »
This shows, what we in the north have known for many years, that you can't trust the British Government. Something the south has found out this week regarding the Brexit withdrawal treaty. But some here will find a way to blame Sinn Fein for all of it.
It's possible to recognise that the north was and to an extent still remains a cold house for Catholics, that the RUC and the British Army engaged in appalling acts, that British governments were and currently are untrustworthy, to recognise why people would have felt the desire to join the IRA, and to recognise that the IRA also committed appalling acts

It's not an either/or

You talk complete sense. But regrettably it will have no impact on the echo chambers that exist in and on Northern Ireland.

Unionism has a problem with the past. Certainly unionist politicians have a problem with the past. They feel if they admit to even one occurrence of collusion or state brutality or even general misrule then the whole house of cards will collapse. For this reason they are institutionally dishonest re the past. I donít think this is true of the general pro union populace but it is true of most if not all unionist politicians.

But republicanism shares this same fault. We could list atrocities that were acts of outright scumbaggery and the planners and perpetrators are repellent creatures who donít deserve to dine with the humans. Republicanism struggles to admit to that. So they revert to revisionism of their own history and amongst other things itís popular support. There is a view that northern nationalists had 2 options:
Sit on their hands and be clubbed about the head in a pogrom or
Blow up a school bus

Itís completely bogus. And never allow the apologists for this violence delude you into thinking that the armed struggle of the 60s onwards had majority support within nationalism.


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Re: Documentaries
« Reply #227 on: September 19, 2020, 10:51:01 PM »
Wouldn't disagree with you Shelmoth but back to the documentary which was about the RUC/UDR/UVF/Brits murdering Catholic civilians in the Nirth and 34 civilians in thec26.
Absolutely disgraceful conduct which has been glossed over and should even 45 years later be highlighted.
For context, especially the bit about proposing to shoot up a school and foment Civil war....
Was it so the Brits could hand it over to the UN?
Ruairi ” BrŠdaigh told a family member of mine that the Brits had been in contact with the SF leadership at the time saying they were on for pulling out and wondering how things might pan out if they did.
The Dublin/Monagham bombings may well have been a warning to the Irish Government to stay out of it or you'll get more of this and sadly it worked.
Whether they were fomented by official Brit agents or by "anti pull out" elements is another question, which of course will probably never be answered.
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