Author Topic: Stairway to Heaven Fermanagh  (Read 1053 times)

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Re: Stairway to Heaven Fermanagh
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Anybody did this walk? Thinking of bringing the wines before going to Marble Arch Caves. They are 6 and 10. How long does it take each way roughly?

Marble Arch brilliant, haven’t done stairway but no toilet along the way so with kids I’d say that be difficult
It's a bog. Acres of toilets.

I suppose if you’re used to watching you’re kids squatting having a piss then you’re sorted

A summer in the bog is a culchies reward for existing the championship.......Black mountain could provide some incentive for the city footballer?

The city has far more distractions than walking up a mountain. I believe the black mountain has had a lot of work done to it for accessibility, might even have a ‘bog’
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