Author Topic: Promising Players for Mayo 2018  (Read 5328 times)


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Re: Promising Players for Mayo 2018
« Reply #30 on: October 17, 2018, 06:59:37 PM »
Darren coen seens to be what mayo foorball needs badly but distrusts the most a natural scoring forward , think of our best scoring forward and there was always a slight unease abot the, I exclude Cillian form this as his is a far more robust type , Brian kilkelly  , jarlath Jennings Maurice Sheridan Connor mortimer , ends Varley even Ciaran Mcdonald for those of us with long enough memories  before his beatification.
. The hardworking tireless type who  always give some return is much more favored

I've always said that too , it's like we don't take to them at all and seem to never be willing to build a forward line around one . Sure ciaran Mac was cut too early as well with the trial saga shite.
wonder will conor loftus suffer a similar fate  for more industrious players like James Durkan or conor  o Shea , not putting either down . just a choice of styles
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