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Started by full back, November 10, 2006, 08:13:49 AM

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Quote from: magpie seanie on November 20, 2006, 03:29:20 PM
Resdubwhite - the money is not and was not there. I stated this in August and was told I was talking rubbish - of course I was right. If one of the gimp family did state that then its just another lie to add to the many told to date. I wouldn't believe anything they'd say. Also, don't forget, when calculating your figures that Evra and Vidic were bought in January and also in January, the final installment on Rooney (10 million) was due. So to balance the books RVN had to go along with a good slashing of the wage bill with all the lads out on loan. The Obi-Mikel money allowed Carrick to be bought.

The Glazers owe over £600 million and the interest on that is tasty. Re-paying the loans are the priority. Have you ever seen a time where United made a surplus on summer transfer deals? Have you seen a United squad so threadbare in the last 15 years? These are not coincidences yet most supporters ignore the facts and go along with the tabloid driven soap opera.

In fairness Seanie. I don't think the squad was huge in 96 after Ince, huges and Kacnchelskis were sold. But I see your point. Indeed the glaziers are in a lot of debt, but a couple of thing have changes Recently. They are now paying 12 million less a year in loan repayments, after they refinanced some of the debt.
the AIG deal is worth a reported 7 million a year more to the club and there is of course the extra 7,500 bums on seats. I'd expect there to be a few quid available.

If united are in a chase for the title come January, I'd expect the club to bring in Hargreaves plus A.N Other. irrespective of what Bayern say, if the player demands the transfer, a UEFA commitee will decide a fee somewhere between 12 - 16 million.

PS: I agree wholeheartedly what you say about the Glazier family.

Norf Tyrone

"the chelsea game is huge, the hype around utd's title challenge is starting to build, the right result on sunday is bound to have a huge effect on chelsea, similar to arsenal when they went 49 unbeaten and just crumbled after losing at OT"

Looking forward to Sunday immensely. United to be fair are flying. However, and perhaps I might eat humble pie here, but to me United are in top(ish) gear, while Chelsea still have 2 gears to go. Still very confident of a Chelsea victory using the simple 'we have better players theory', my worry is that if, and I'say he will, Jose sticks with the Ballack, Lamps, Essien, Maka midfield we will be solid in the centre but exposed in the wings. United have the quality to give Cole and probably Geremi a torrid time. If United win they go 6 clear, and Chelsea don't play next weekend, so that gives Sunday added importance.

Still as I say...confident especially if it's Chelsea lining up as;

Geremi, JT, Carvalho, Cole (Though Bridge has been the better to date)

Robben, Essien, Lampard, Ballack/ Maka, J Cole

Owen Roe O'Neills GAC, Leckpatrick, Tyrone

hows she cutting

i predict a 1-0 home win with the goal coming from a John O'Shea 4o yard thunderbold past Cudicini


I'd take any scoreline of a home win on Sunday! Really looking forward to it.
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Square Ball

O bloody hell, another European disaster, words fail me on this display, fine passing, but the final ball is non existant, and as for Louis Haha, don't start me on that one at the minute. Look at the bench, we go looking for a equaliser and we bring on Evera and O'Shea, out and out goal scoreres those two!!!!

away to sit in a darkended room.

Fregie should have played the full team in the last game and we would not be in this dire position, "Squeaky bum time" indeed.

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Two words cost us the match. Louis Saha! >:( For f**ks sake how the f**k did they lose to Celtic?
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Quote from: Farrandeelin on November 21, 2006, 09:44:21 PM
Two words cost us the match. Louis Saha! >:( For f**ks sake how the f**k did they lose to Celtic?


Typical of the United of the last few years, they just don't inspire confidence away from home. It was one of those nights when watching the game I just knew what was going to happen. Celtic's best chance was always from a free kick, and the length of time the ref took at the time of the penalty, and Sahas body language before it, I knew he would miss it  >:(

I can see a trophyless season unless they get another forward, and a holding midfilder. They need to stop this shite of playing Rooney anywhere other than up front.
The problem with situations like last night is that they had their best team on, and no-one on the bench would improve the team in ANY way.....brutal, can't bring myself to read the reports......

PS, what the hell has happened to Heinze.....?

Every time you open your mouth you have this wonderful ability to continually confirm what I think.


Absolute disgrace. The league is hiding the serious problems within the United team. Where to start I don't know. An abysmal unprofessional performance again in the Champions League. We are now struggling in one of the weakest groups in the history of the competition, same story last year. A point against Benfica at home is manageable but the story ends there.

I still stand by my comment before the season that Saha is a carthorse. He will score some good goals in the Premiership but at the very top level he is not up to it. At times his skill is breathtaking but more often than not he is stretching and kicking and pucking and can't control the feckin bal.

What is the point of Michael Carrick? I though he gave an atrocious display last night. Sluggish, lazy, uninterested. A poor decision to spend the crown jewels on him. For all his faults Fletcher always gives 100% and covers serious ground. With better passing he would be a better option.

Ronaldo again flatters to deceive. I can't make up my mind. Are Dunphy and Giles right? He has serious pace, serious skill but you would wonder would Wenger have made him into a better player. Obviously there is plenty of time for him to develop but will it happen at United?

Rooney on the wing? Its been a problem before last season. We went back to 4-4-2 and had a great run from New Year. It was feckin Celtic, not Chelsea that we were facing.

And then the incompetence in the transfer market bites you in the ass. Best XI on the pitch. Here comes our hero John O'Shea to rescue the situation. No Van Nistelrooy. No Rossi. No new striker. No midfield options. Jesus wept.

Away form in Europe is seriously bad - a lucky 1-0 to Benfica in an uninspiring game. No goals against either Copenhagen or Celtic. Look at last year we scored at Benfica but lost, and lost at Lille. A 0-0 draw at Villereal. Scoreless in four group games altogether.

The previous year - a lucky draw away to Lyon. Scoreless against Sparta Prague. A thrashing at Fenerbache, and at Milan.

A bit better in 2003/04 - beat Rangers and Panathinikos but lost to Porto and Stuttgart in the bigger games.

So over 3 years the away record reads - p14 w 3 d 3 l 8 f 7 a 15. Held scoreless in 7 of those matches. Pretty scary if you think fortunes are on the up.

And I agree with Seanie there is no money. The emperor has no clothes.


By all accouts Heinze wants out of the club because he was pissed at the situation with Van Nistelrooy. May end up at Bayern.


Quote from: Barney on November 22, 2006, 08:18:31 AM
By all accouts Heinze wants out of the club because he was pissed at the situation with Van Nistelrooy. May end up at Bayern.
Where did you hear this Barney?

As for last night - the first half Celtic were chasing shadows but yet united had created very little chances if any!  >:( The second half was a little more open with Celtic actually getting some crosses into the box. United didn't look like scoring and when Jarosik won the free (mind you the w*nker dived) Up stepped Nakamura to repeat what he did in September. But what was Saha at when played in by Rooney acres of space and he tried a feeble flick over the goalie (this from our top striker - embarassing) As for the penalty the less said the better - low and hard everytime. Disgusted this morning I am


They need to sell

O Shea

At least the above, and start getting some more quality in.
Every time you open your mouth you have this wonderful ability to continually confirm what I think.


Great result.  Can't believe it.  1st half half celtic looked like they were in for a hammering.  giggs and ronaldo were in great form, but wat a free kick (ok, maybe a dive as u say bendover).  all i can say is ha ha saha


Simple fact is United have played Celtic in too many friendlies over the past 3 years, 6 I think and they have strolled it most of the time. Last night United looked like they were there for an exhibition game plenty of possesion, flicks galore but f**k all balls, it was disgusting to watch.
I think the league position has got myself and others over excited, this has reined me in
I'll go back if Marsdens back


Gary Neville actually came across to me and said about Saha, 'his head has gone, he's going to miss this," Lennon said in The Guardian

If Gary Neville could have predicted this why didn't he step in and save Saha the trouble?