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Re: China Coronavirus
« Reply #2685 on: March 30, 2020, 11:14:57 PM »
The view of Stormount. Is Marc on coke? Very hyper lol

The guy on now talking serious sense!
Anything I post is not the view of the County Board!! Nobody died in the making of this post ;-)


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Re: China Coronavirus
« Reply #2686 on: March 30, 2020, 11:27:36 PM »
Hot saunas (bath)followed by cold shower seems to be good way to fire up immune system , canít hurt


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Re: China Coronavirus
« Reply #2687 on: March 30, 2020, 11:34:20 PM »
why are the Brits saying its 6 months, prince Charles had it went into isolation 7 days and now hes out its a miracle
If everyone caught it today it would be all over in 2 weeks! The bodies would be piled up but the survivors would be immune to this particular strain.

If transmission is limited (flatten the curve) to a level that is manageable it might take a bit longer.

Where is your evidence for what is in bold? I have not read of any research that can claim that and its a pretty dangerous assumption to make.

If anyone is depending on GAA board for medical advise they deserve all they get.

However, The Germans seem to think that is the case.

Other studies in Australia are showing the immune system becomes more resistant.

Do you want me to change would to could so it is less dangerous?

No need, it's the same stupid assumption Boris and his "better than the WHO" experts came up with before doing a spectacular U turn. I was just wondering were you going to be stupid enough to spread the same nonsense as them. But I see your using the "it's an online forum if you are stupid enough to believe any bullshit I write you deserve what you get" defence.


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Re: China Coronavirus
« Reply #2688 on: March 30, 2020, 11:38:37 PM »
I have a business contact in the UK who has just purchased 250,000 test kits for self diagnosis. Pin p***k results in ten minutes. Sent me all the info as hes putting it out through his direct sale team. All properly certified by most stringent European standards.

Hes a businessman who isn't making money by his core business but has stepped in to assist supply chain (because he can) and make a small ( not extortionate by any means) that will help sustain his business in the short term.

Not sure whether or not to get involved in this because there are a few people profiteering...albeit not massively....but then again so the question there any harm in it?

Just using here as a testing board for opinions on this thing. As caprice guide....I can buy these kits around £12 and have been advised to RRP at circa £15.

Should I get involved, ethically is it ok to make a few pounds by doing this? At the minute I'm seeing two sides of a same coin?

seems fine to me, isn't exactly Randox margins
At £12 they are making £3-£3.50 a pop. Was tempted myself to buy direct from China, min order was 10,000. My problem unfortunately is that I have a vulnerable (very) person in my house and would be afraid to get involved as somewhere along the line I would be afraid of coming into contact,
 only for that I would be flogging then along with N95/FFP3 masks