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GAA Congress 2020
« on: February 29, 2020, 12:49:25 AM »
Larry McCarthy has been elected President-elect!
The new GAA President-elect, Larry McCarthy, is a GAA Trustee and Management Committee member.
A native of Bishopstown in Cork, he emigrated to New York in 1985 to do a Masters degree. He is involved with the Sligo football club in New York, and has served with New York GAA for a long time, as secretary for six years and chairman for three years.

This motion proposes a rule amendment that any player who receives a kick-out cannot pass it back to his goalkeeper. The penalty proposed for a breach of this rule would be a free-kick awarded to the opposition from the position the goalkeeper receives the pass, or if the goalkeeper is inside the 13m line when in receipt of the pass the free will be from the 13m line opposite where the foul occurs.
Motion 6 is being voted has passed with a 'Yes' vote of 62!

This motion seeks to extend the rule that allows a temporary substitution if a player has a blood injury. If passed, you will also be allowed to bring on a temporary substitute for a player who has suffered a 'head injury'.
Motion 5 has been referred back to Central Council.

Under current rule in both Gaelic Football and Hurling you can carry the ball in your hand for a maximum of four steps before you play it. This proposed rule amendment would stipulate instead that you can carry the ball for a maximum of two seconds in Gaelic Football and Hurling in your hand(s) before you play it.
Motion 4 is being voted on. It has failed with a 'No' vote of 91%.

This motion proposes that a referee must first give permission to a team medical officer or another authorised official before they can enter the field of play to examine an injured player.
Motion 3 is being voted has failed by the slimmtest of margins after getting a 'Yes' vote of 59%! That's just 1% shy of the 60% required!

This motion seeks to give team captains and managers the power to ask the referee to consult with the Hawkeye Score Detection System and/or his fellow officials to clarify if any of the match officials erred in making a decision in relation to the validity of a score or the awarding of a free/sideline/wide/45 or 65 or square infringement. This would be limited to two failed requests per team and the request must be made before the play resumes.
The Motion has been dealt with. GAA President, John Horan, has said the CCCC will look into Limerick's proposals that underpin the motion and Limerick GAA are in agreement.

This motion proposes to give the sideline official the power to bring to the attention of the referee, during a break in play, any instances of foul play which have not been noticed by the referee.
Motion 1 is being voted on by the has passed with a 'Yes' vote of 70%!

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