Author Topic: Allianz Hurling League 2020  (Read 19197 times)


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Re: Allianz Hurling League 2020
« Reply #135 on: March 03, 2020, 10:40:02 AM »
Slightly agree w/ blueandwhite about the championship scenario, but if we can hang in there it just might lift us a bit. Who knows. But, imagine we beat Dublin this year - or any year! - and they couldn't go down?!
A massive population rise won't necessarily mean we have a better hurling team: what we need is for more clubs to cater for the game.

Agree completely. When I say population I mean hurling population rather than absolute numbers. General population in Laois has been rising very fast but I doubt that our hurling population has grown proportionally. 


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Re: Allianz Hurling League 2020
« Reply #136 on: March 05, 2020, 07:31:07 PM »
Where have you been for the last 24 hours?! There's no relegation from Joe McDonagh this year. And, yes - Kilkenny without their Ballyhale players.
Laois without players but it was more or less a KK second string....yes without Joey Holden, TJ Reid, Colin Fennelly Adrian Mullen from Ballyhale but also Cillian Buckley, Eoin Murphy, Conor Fogarty, Richie Hogan, John Donnelly, Paddy Deegan.