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Re: A question for the over 50s
« Reply #30 on: September 09, 2019, 03:51:44 PM »
When they changed from the old north/south split in the National League to a single divison one in 1980, Armagh got to play Kerry in Lurgan and hammered them. It did feel good to beat the All Ireland champions even if it felt that the result would be different in the championship.

Yes, finished something like 1-17 to 2-5. I think that match might have been all ticket - 17,000 if my memory serves me well - as that was the first time Kerry had crossed the border.

We beat them again in Davitt Park and I recall we scored six goals, with Johnny Corvan and Mickey McDonald to the fore.

Championship though was a different matter!

I was in Davitt Park for that game and the story was the entire Kerry team spent the night before in James Mc Cartan's pub in Donaghcloney. Allegedly it took several strong men to carry the Bomber to bed!

Also remember there being a Hunger Strike demonstration at half time.

I have no doubt that Kerry had a nice weekend, winning wasn't an important part of it. However, I did hear that they had overnighted in Monaghan, which seems extremely plausible, and Armagh had sent a few retired stalwarts to buy them drinks.

I'd agree that your story is probably more plausible, I will say however that I was warned before the throw in that the Bomber might not be in tip top condition due to the reasons I mentioned.

Edit it is also worth considering that Mr Liston was assisted to bed on more than one trip north.
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Re: A question for the over 50s
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Kerry only played 3 games in 1980 to win an AI! Yes 3! So they had their advantages then!

Michael O'Heir was good for the time. But time has shown how limited he really was.  A lot of recycling of catch phrases.

The thing with the Kerry team was there was only a trickle of new blood here and there during their dominance, so the general public were just waiting for that group to get old.

The same can not be said of Dublin.

Kerry playing only 3 games in 1980 is often thrown up as being some huge advantage to Kerry and I never understand why.
1980 was the only year this happened (bar the early years of the GAA perhaps).
Was it really such an advantage in 1980 not to have played that extra game against Clare compared to the year before and after?
i.e. 1979 Kerry 9-21 1-9 Clare
1981 Kerry 4-17 0-6 Clare

And were those extra games for Dublin against Carlow and Wexford such a hindrance to them?

I would have said it was a disadvantage to go straight into a provincial final in July as your first game of the c'ship, á la the Galway hurlers.


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Re: A question for the over 50s
« Reply #32 on: September 14, 2019, 05:30:52 AM »
I wasn’t around for o’Hehir’s commentaries, but by God, that voice of his was very hard to listen to.

One of the best commentators ever.

I trust you are looking forward to the replay?
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