Author Topic: Dublin are a million miles ahead of everyone.  (Read 305 times)


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Dublin are a million miles ahead of everyone.
« on: August 12, 2019, 10:30:18 PM »
A quote from squareball in the Tyrone v Kerry thread.
Can anyone seriously disagree?

I believe that the current Dublin team is by some distance the best we have ever seen. The Kerry 4 in a row team had to play 3 games a year to win the All Ireland. This Dublin team play a minimum of six games a year.

Because of Dublin the Leinster championship is a zombie competition. Attendances reflect this.
We have now reached the stage where the All Ireland is as bad. (Perhaps Kerry will pull off the shock of the century but I doubt it)

The scary thing for the rest of the country is that even if they do win a historic 5 in a row is there anything to suggest the juggernaut wont keep on rolling. They seem to be able to loose quality players and replace them with ease. They have the resources (both playing and financial) to keep going.

Even if a team does come along to beat them, the odds are so stacked in their favour that they will be virtually unstoppable.
The GAA as an organisation, which greeted the rise of the Dubs as its saviour must be getting nervous about the impact of their uninterrupted success and its impact on attendances and hence finances. The Dublin fans are so used to success that they dont turn up for lesser games.

What can the GAA do?

Short Term.....
According to an excellent article by Sean McGoldrick on Sportsjoe Dublin received 15.4million more than any other county over the 10 years to 2017.
A good start would be to put a freeze on all central funding to Dublin would be a start. Long term i somehow doubt this would even scratch the surface of evening out the playing field.

Long Term....
It has been suggested that Dublin be split in 2 or even 3. Would this work?
According to Wikipedia Dublin county has a population of 1,187,176
By way of comparison Leitrim has a population of 32,044, Connacht has a population of 550,742
Even if Dublin were divided in 2 it would dwarf every other county bar Cork, Antrim and Down.

Is it time to look at the very structure of top level competition?