Author Topic: Kerry v Mayo - Super 8s Round 1  (Read 12678 times)

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Re: Kerry v Mayo - Super 8s Round 1
« Reply #270 on: July 19, 2019, 10:09:24 AM »
Lads, you do know that thereís a game this weekend. I was really forward to having a nice wee chat with my good friends from Mayo but itís like a ghost town in the Meath vs Mayo thread. And here you all are still talking about the last game. I have to say Iím a bit hurt and a bit disappointed.  :'(
I was thinking I was the only soul stirring that took any interest inn this game. Are Mayo and Meath  not worth a few posts any more?
There's far more discussion on the Mayo/Kerry thread about David Clarke's kick outs than there is on this one about chat could be his future and that of a lot of his colleagues.
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