Author Topic: Colm O'Rourke vs. the GPA  (Read 58312 times)


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Re: Colm O'Rourke vs. the GPA
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Paul Flynn really can't be the sharpest knife in the drawer if he can't see how flying dozens and dozens of people over to the US every year looks terrible, when there are clubhouses up & down the country without running water, hot showers, proper dressing rooms, enough equipment etc etc

All Star trips and the annual team holiday for AI winners are one thing. I don't think anyone has a problem with them. At least I don't. But spending truck loads of money on junkets (with loads of hangers on) to play a bastardized version of hurling that serves no purpose whatsoever, does not sit well with people.

The money could be better spent elsewhere, whether it's their own money, the GAA's or the sponsors. If he can't see that, it's a damming inditement of just how out of touch with reality he & the rest of the GPA are.
I don't think the GPA ever pretended to have anything to do with anything other than intercounty players.

I know that.

But the wider population are ordinary rank and file GAA club members. They are the ones who see how hard life is at grass roots level. They are the ones who have a problem with all these US junkets & they are the people Paul Flynn doesn't seem to understand having a problem.

Fair play for admitting that Beffs. It's plain old mindless begrudgery! Who do these fookers think they are swanning off to New York where Irish Americans give give them a load of dosh.

Instead what should be done, is a random draw among all club members where 60 players from around the country are picked to go to the US to play a match where the yanks can pay $80 a ticket and thousands for dinner to meet these great club people.

And all the excess proceeds can go to the list of clubs that Beffs is going to tell us about that don't even have running water.

What a marvellous idea. I'm sure it's a winner.

It is amazing how begrudgery makes people forget to switch on their brains

I don't think anyone has an issue with IC players travelling and playing the exhibition games.

It's more than people in the travelling party who don't seem to have a particular reason for being there - see my previous post.

I do, in the absence of an explanation as to where the money goes

The players will get a daily allowance I'd suggest and I'm basing that on what we got when travelling to NYC when they were in the old Ulster hurling championship, but I'd hazard it's a lot more than the $40 a day I got back in the noughties.

International rules daily allowance was €100 a day back in the early 00's
What? The durty bastids...
Wait till I see Seany Kelly the Kerry hoor who was out on one of those trips....