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Re: Paul Kimmage
« Reply #105 on: October 30, 2017, 09:09:18 AM »
Great column. What a mess. Jaysus
Sure it's only the league

sid waddell

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Re: Paul Kimmage
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He is in his arse.
With all due respects AZ I would take his word over yours

What sort of a Dublin fan would hope Mayo would win?
I'm from Dublin and followed Dublin from 1987 to not that long ago, and still attend their matches, as it's what I've always done and I have a lot of social capital invested in attending them in terms of meeting friends and relatives, but I wanted Mayo to win the final, as I did in last year's finals and the 2015 semi-finals.

So it's perfectly possible to want your county to lose.
Are you actually serious? I cannot understand that mentality at all. Kimmage wanted Mayo to win alright but he isn't a Dublin fan. He's a casual observer. He isn't a gaa head. Anybody who follows their team with a passion will never want them to lose.
We might have gone through several periods over the years where we were shit but I can honestly say i never once ever wanted the Galway footballers to lose any game.
Damn right I'm serious and you wouldn't understand unless you were from Dublin. Galway footballers never threatened to turn the entirety of inter-county football into a procession.

It was far more enjoyable following the Dublin footballers when they weren't the faceless, remorseless machine they are now. There was some element of doubt as to who would win 95% of matches they were involved in, for a start, so there was an element of what's called sporting competition. Now there isn't. That gets very boring after a while if you have the capability to see beyond the county you come from and consider the well being of the game as a whole.

Hi, I'm from Dublin and I've been following them since 83. And I have no idea what you're talking about.

I imagine plenty of Dublin supporters have an idea of what I'm talking about, given that the attendances at their Leinster matches and All-Ireland quarter-finals have plummetted in this decade compared to the last.

And that these matches, and you can throw in this year's semi-final too, have atmospheres like morgues.

So clearly a lot Dublin people find the majority of Dublin matches to be rather boring these days.
54,000 for an All-Ireland semi-final.  It seems a lot of Dubs are beginnng to find all this pretty boring.