Author Topic: Mayo Millionaire backer withholds Money  (Read 25684 times)


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Re: Mayo Millionaire backer withholds Money
« Reply #270 on: January 28, 2020, 01:08:06 PM »
Agreement has been reached between Mayo cb and Tim o leary, it has been agreed as Mayo cb cannot handle money he will send loafs of bread and bags of spuds.

Must be disappointing for you to hear this issue has been resolved and the lolly will be coming thick and fast into castlebar HQ .

it is one thing lolly coming in, but that alone wont solve anything.
why dont the county board at some point revisit Liam Horans long term plan.
there is still a lot of pruning that needs to be done, the prior buddy system will not be rectified in one or two years.