Author Topic: the future of the Intercounty game  (Read 8522 times)


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Re: the future of the Intercounty game
« Reply #150 on: December 09, 2017, 04:28:45 PM »
Has anyone ever seen a sad face in the team photos after winning an Inter or Junior Final?
Or a Ring, Rackard etc?
Jasus the Ros team photo with the Nicky in 2015 would have made a great ad for toothpaste.
On a point of order Soccer Cup competitions are good fun lotteries, their Leagues are the serious business and decide the Champions.
Our Leagues are just pre season tournaments - the Summer Provincials and Qualifiers and AI series are to find the CHAMPIONS.
if u left all counties at senior level but current league structures determine the winners of all leagues + promotion and relegation and no county would be seen as playing junior or intermediate if that creates a problem, the gaa could schedule a triple header of games in Crome park on Sunday's with teams from all divisions playing , if people still want all Ireland Sunday maybe top 2 in div 1 could play