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Re: Net Neutrality
« Reply #30 on: December 16, 2017, 07:54:16 AM »
the suspected cons would be that the current internet setup in not viable long term and the 'wrong' people are making billions out of it.
look at facebook it no more than Bebo + but does feck all for its cash it does not provide any of the facilities for the Internet but  gets most of the cash same with google that rifles though other people stuff providing little or no content itself but it get to decide what you View . Bing is an even worse example of this  , and neither of these companies even invented the search engine but again make away with most of the cash .
But yet we expect ISP to provide us with free service

What a load of sh1te.  ::)  Do you actually know what net neutrality is? You also don't seem to understand the business models of the company products you mentioned.

yes im know what net neutraity is and I also know that the companies I mentioned are making extortionate profits and behave like monopolies  and net neutral reinforces that  while the companies they stole their model from go broke by limiting who can charge for what ar what stage of the process.
the internet as it now stand is not viable longterm. when content providers realize they are being taken for a ride .
Simple example I was paying sky 95 euro a month but now access the same programmes  free over the net

This will allow ISPs to provide restricted or reduced access to certain sites of their choosing, so if a small company comes up with a good idea and Google comes up with a shittier similar idea but uses their influence to make it hard for people to find the small company you can't tell anyone with a straight face this isn't monopolizing the industry