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Re: Derry Club Football & Hurling
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Would the suspension be for the whole club/ County or for the manager/players flouting the ban. What parameters would the suspension apply if groups of players trained in private gyms/locations with the full knowlege of club/county chairperson. Just wondering how hard these things are to enforce as teams/managers try to make "ready" for the new season and get a jump on the opposition. If all clubs/teams do the same then it will be a disaster


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Re: Derry Club Football & Hurling
« Reply #3916 on: March 22, 2020, 02:29:14 PM »
Folks - what are the sanction, if any, for any club or county who organise and continue training during the Coronavirus shut down.
I'd say there are a few managers around the country that are looking at ways around this. Said exactly the same when the GAA announced the shut down.
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Re: Derry Club Football & Hurling
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Any arsehole contemplating training should be banned for life! Why do some people not get the concept of a life threatening illness


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Re: Derry Club Football & Hurling
« Reply #3918 on: March 22, 2020, 03:54:11 PM »
I would say any managers doing this should be suspended for a long time, if not life, from taking Gaa teams.


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Re: Derry Club Football & Hurling
« Reply #3919 on: March 22, 2020, 03:59:08 PM »
Will be tempting for the brown envelope brigade. But, no way, can't see anyone at it tbh


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Re: Derry Club Football & Hurling
« Reply #3920 on: March 22, 2020, 04:04:09 PM »
The rumours are out there that a lot of clubs are doing this - the chairman has to be aware as the money is still being paid so the buck firmly stops with them IMHO.
This was last week so hopefully they have wised the f**k up


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Re: Derry Club Football & Hurling
« Reply #3921 on: March 22, 2020, 04:31:30 PM »
Couldn'tsee this happening. Crazy if it did.  Players surely have some cop on - they're not teenagers.

Plus, they aren't insured to use club grounds.


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Re: Derry Club Football & Hurling
« Reply #3922 on: March 22, 2020, 06:46:35 PM »
Can’t see it to be honest. Clubs all over Ulster are not allowed to use their club grounds as they are not insured for any activity inside club grounds. With this in mind can’t see how any chairman would let any type of training take place within his control.
Some lads might be doing their own stuff, general keep fit road running etc but in all fairness exercise is vital at times like this from a mental health perspective.
Any GAA club who have allowed training on their pitch or premises (even in small groups) should be banned from all competitions for 12 months once the GAA starts up again.


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Re: Derry Club Football & Hurling
« Reply #3923 on: April 02, 2020, 11:27:03 AM »
Given that a lot of people at sitting at home at the moment, this forum is extremely quiet.  Has anyone attempted their all-time county selection based on one player per club? It means choosing between McGilligan, McKeever or Brolly; Lynch or Lockhart; Downey or McGurk; McKaigue or Bradley; McNicholl or Bradley; Gilligan or Muldoon.

Or could you come up with an all-time county selection based on your own club?
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Re: Derry Club Football & Hurling
« Reply #3924 on: April 02, 2020, 01:16:00 PM »
Here’s a wee bit of reading for ye. Seen this up on social media

‘Team of 20 Years’

St Columb's Sport and PE

Who tickles your fancy then -

The fine free-taking skills of Gavin McShane?
The classy wing-back play of Brian Rainey?
The speed and finishing power of Aaron Kerrigan?
The all-round skills of Gavin Donaghy?
Or the free running Eoin Devine?

Well you now have a chance to choose the best St.Columb’s College 15, in the ‘St.Columb’s College Team of 20 Years’. Over the past 20 years, there have been an uncountable number of players who pulled on the blue and yellow jersey of ‘The College’. Trying to track down all these players is something, not even the biggest GAA fan, would contemplate in trying to do. Therefore, I have brought together the six teams who have played in a MacLarnon Cup Final and the O’Doherty and Markey Cup winners from the year 2000, and it’s from these teams, you can choose your finest.

There have been over 221 players  from 18 clubs covering 3 different counties who helped St.Columbs get to these 8 finals. The unfortunate fact was, that only 3 successes came out of these 8 final visits, although they were close on numerous other occasions. Nonetheless, some of the finest players from the county have gone through school, and there is a deep sense of pride for each and every one of them. I have included a short description about each player on the starting team.
So sit back and reminisce and decide who you’ll pick and who you leave out.

Please put your team in the comments below and include the best player for the school in the past twenty years. If one of your favourite players did not manage to make a team which made the final, please include him anyway.



-Those players who have an asterix beside their name, indicates a description of them have already been done.

-Some players will have two clubs beside their names. The first club indicates the club they played for during their time at St.Columb’s and the second is the one they played for in later years.

-The starting team in the programme on some occasions would change from the actual starting 15; I’ve tried my very best to replicate the actual team that started on the day.

-McLarnon Cup was ‘B’ level Schools competition. O’Doherty cup was Senior ‘C’ cup. Markey Cup u19.5 ‘C’ competition.

-Thanks to the following people have helped me in different ways in compiling this report: Michael McLaughlin, Eamonn Burns, James McQuillan, Brian Trainor, Liam Heffernan, Shane O’Connor, Rory McLaughlin, Paul O’Hea, Kevin Lindsay, Shaun Cassidy, Cathal O’Kane, Mickey McKinney,  Conor Lynch and Brian Harkin!


2000 Mac Larnon Cup

Casement Park, Belfast

St.Columb’s College 1-09 v 1-11 St.Eunan’s Letterkenny

Colm McFadden hit 1-08 as he helped steer St.Eunan’s to their first MacLarnon Cup in over twenty years. St.Columb’s looked like the better team, but McFadden proved the difference. The Derry outfit trailed 0-07 to no score. After the interval, the Derry side dominated proceedings. A late McFadden goal sealed the win for St.Eunans.

1.     Damian Begley (Steelstown) – ‘Dee’ had a terrific kickout and was equally at home stopping sliotars or size 5s.
2.     Aidan Devine (Banagher) – Small, strong and stocky. Very good at reading the game.
3.     Eoin Trainor (Doire Colmcille) – Not big for a full-back, but was very composed on the ball. Part of the excellent underage Doire Colmcille teams and son of teacher and St.Columb’s College stalwart, Brian Trainor.
4.     Cahir Mullan (Dungiven) (c) – The former Derry minor was as strong as a bull. Captained the team. Later moved to Liverpool and played with John Mitchels.
5.     Chris Duffy (Foreglen) – Started in three MacLarnon Cup Finals. Hardy as they come. Went and played football in New Zealand and Manchester.
6.     Liam Fleming (Doire Colmcille) – Finesse and Fleming went hand in hand. He could strike a dead ball as well as anyone in Ireland. Went onto play Irish League soccer with Cliftonville and captained them. Ex-Derry minor. (0-02)
7. Brian Rainey (Doire Colmcille/Craigbane) – He was the quintessential attacking wing-back. Chipped in with scores and ran the line well. He is still playing with Craigbane and has been consistently good for the last 20 years. 
8.     Chris O’Donnell (Doire Colmcille) – A very industrious midfielder, had fine ability in all aspects of the game.
9.     Brendan McNally (Doire Colmclle) – A terrific midfielder, who could field ball and get up and down the pairc. Not afraid to throw his weight about (0-01).
10. Gavin Donaghy (Claudy) – On four consecutive McLarnon year teams, three of them in finals. Had everything and could win games on his own. God knows how he didn’t get a college All-Star. Represented Derry at all grades (0-01).
11.  Marty Donaghy (Claudy) – Another Donaghy who represented Derry all grades. Could turn you in a flash and accurate as well. Impossible to mark, he continues to still line out for Claudy. ‘Nugget’ amassed some scores for school and club throughout the years (0-01).
12. James McQuillan (Doire Colmcille) – Strong on the ball, and hard to push off it, he was unerring in front of goal. Now a teacher back at the ‘College’ -  brilliant hurler also with Na Magha. Was ubjured for the final the following year (0-01).
13. Mark Lynch (Banagher) – Good at winning his own ball, the Banagher man had also a sweet left-foot. Notched some important scores for the school over the years (0-01).
14. Ronan Parker (Owen Roes) – The Tyrone man came up with some important scores for the ‘College’ and was always a great outlet (1-00).
15.  Adrian Devine (Craigbane) - Quick and dinky, his pace caused a lot of problems to the opposition. ‘Gabby’ would in later years turn out to be a very sticky corner-back for his club (0-02).

16. Stephen Kearney (Clann na nGael) 17. Brian McGurk (Steelstown)  18. Christopher O’Neill (Drum) 19. Michael O’Kane (Slaughtmanus) 20. James Jackson (Steelstown) 21. Michael Boyle (Slaughtmanus)   22. Michael Doherty (Steelstown) 23. Darren McCready (Doire Colmcille) 24. Kevin Harkin (Steelstown) 25. Damian Hutchman (Sean Dolans)
 26. Cathal Harkin (Steelstown)

Coaches: Eamonn Burns (Ballinascreen) and Brian Trainor (Doire Colmcille)


2001 Mac Larnon Cup

Casement Park

St.Columb’s College 0-08 v 1-12 St.Patrick’s Downpatrick
St.Patrick’s fully deserved the win in 2001. John Gibney top-scored for them with 7 points. Mark Lynch, Gavin Donaghy, Chris Duffy and James Devine played well for St.Columb’s.

1.     Stephen Kearny (Clan nan Gael) – Excellent shop-stopper and had a long kick-out on him
2.     Mark Chambers (Doire Colmcille) – Great tackler of the ball. Played in the McLarnon team when only a fifth year. Would turn out to be a very important player for the school over the years.
3.     Michael Boyle (Slaughtmanus) – Fantastic at getting out first to the ball, always had a hand in. ‘Boylo’ would always give a 100% and more-than-often come out on the right side of the challenge.
4.  Chris Duffy (Foreglen) *
5. Michael Doherty (Steelstown) – He would go through you for the ball, nothing feared the Steelstown man.
6.     Brian McGurk (Steelstown) – Had the terrific mould of a classic centre-half back – big shoulders, hits hard and led from the front. Could read the game well also.
 7.     Aidan Cleary (Steelstown) A classy player. Oozed class and composure. An elegant footballer with every skill set a gaelic footballer would wish to have. God knows how he didn’t make any Derry team.
8.     Eamon Gibson (Steelstown) – Good fielder of the ball, who had a sweet left foot. ‘Gibby’ could come up with the goods when the team really needed him.
9.     Gavin Donaghy (Claudy) (c) *
10. James Jackson (Steelstown) – A very strong runner with ball in hand. Hard to shrug off the ball and could hit some fine scores. Good man for a goal.
11. Cathal O’Kane (Craigbane) – Represented Derry at all levels (and even Ireland). He always looked so composed on the ball. He played in his first Mac Larnon Final as a fourth year and even the older players still looked up to him. Class act. Injury unfortunately hampered O’Kane in later years.
12. Mark Lynch (Banagher) (0-04) *
13. Adrian Devine (Craigbane) *
14. James Devine (Ardmore) – The Ardmore man was a terrific target man for both low and high ball. Scored four points in their final defeat (0-04)
15. Michael O’Kane (Slaughtmanus) –Probably the best forward of his respective year groups throughout school – ‘Mahale’ would put up some serious scores.,
16. Martin Dunne (Steelstown) 17. James McQuillan (Doire Colmcille) 18. Cathal Harkin (Steelstown) 19. Paddy Quigley (Clan nan Gael) 20. Ciaran O’Kane (Clan na nGael) 21. Paul O’Hea (Steelstown) 22. Joe Grant (Steelstown) 23. Conor Lynch (Doire Colmcille) 24. Kevin Harkin (Steelstown) 25. John Moore (Steelstown) 26. Martin Flanagan (Doire Colmcille) 27. Christopher O’Neill (Drum) 28. Anthony Jackson (Steelstown) 29. John McDaid (Steelstown) 30. Ronan Cassidy (Doire Colmcille)

Coaches: Eamonn Burns (Ballinascreen) and Brian Trainor (Doire Colmcille)


2002, Mac Larnon Cup

Casement Park

Steelstown 2-07 v 2-06 De La Salle

Gavin Donaghy was magnificent as St.Columb’s College bridged a 21 year gap to win the MacLarnon Cup. A Paul O’Hea penalty (which he won himself) and a Donaghy wonder goal put them ahead 2-07 to 1-05 and they hung on to claim a deserved victory. Donaghy received Player of the Match.

1.     Martin Dunne (Steelstown) - Net-minded a MacLarnon goal for just one season, stood between the sticks for his club for eighteen. Went onto play county for a couple of seasons and was the first goalkeeper to save a penalty from 11metres.
2.     Kyle Gallagher (Ardmore/Slaughtmanus) – A small and sturdy corner back, he would later go onto play in midfield 2004. A great all-rounder.
3.     Michael Boyle (Slaughtmanus) *
4.     Mark Chambers (Doire Colmcille) *
5.     Chris Duffy (Foreglen) *
6.     Paul O’Hea (Steelstown) - Scored the penalty in their success of 2002. He was as strong as an ox and has an All-Ireland Minor medal and a National League Division 1 medal. Hard to believe he only made one MacLarnon Cup team (1-00).
7.     Aidan Cleary (Steelstown) *
8.     Eamonn Gibson (Steelstown) *
9.     Michael O’Kane (Claudy) – Transferred into the school and made an immediate impact. Gave the school a more physical presence around the middle.
10.  Cathal O’Kane (Craigbane) (0-04)*
11. Ronan Cassidy (Doire Colmcille) - Created a vital link for the team, as his excellent fitness made sure he was always on the ball from he first to the last minute
12. James Jackson (Steelstown) *
13.  Michael O'Kane(Slaughtmanus) - *
14. Gavin Donaghy (Claudy) (c) (1-03) *
15. John Moore (Steelstown) -  A good target man inside, his performance in the semi-final will live log in the memory

16. Rory McGurk (Sean Dolans) 17.Conor Lynch (Doire Colmcille) 18. Ciaran O’Kane (Clan na nGael) 19. Cathal Harkin (Steelstown) 20. Joe Grant (Steelstown) 21. Anthony Jackson (Steelstown) 22. Martin Flanagan (Doire Colmcille) 23. Kevin Harkin (Steelstown) 24. Kevin Duffy (Doire Colmcille) 25. Brendan Quigley (Steelsotwn) 26. Stephen Kerlin (Clan na nGael) 27. Paul McDaid (Steelstown) 28. Brendan Doherty (Steelstown) 29. Conall Doherty (Steelstown) 30. John Feeney (Slaughtmanus) 31. Sean Cassidy (Faughanvale)

Coaches: Eamonn Burns (Ballinascreen) and Brian Trainor (Doire Colmcille)

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Re: Derry Club Football & Hurling
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2004, Mac Larnon Cup

Casement Park, Belfast

St.Columb’s College 1-09 v 2-07 St.Louis Kilkeel

A late Glen Burden goal helped St Louis Kilkeel edge out St Columb's Derry 2-7 to 1-9 to claim the Down school's first MacLarnon Cup title.
St Louis, playing in their first MacLarnon decider, fought back from conceding an early goal to level the contest at 1-4 apiece at the interval.
Rory McLaughlin notched St Columb's 12th minute goal but Richard Annett replied with the Kilkeel side's strike.
St Columb's were leading 1-8 to 1-7 when Burden hit the decisive goal.

1. Conor Thorton (Slaughtmanus) - Underage goalkeeper for Slaughtmanus throughout the different year groups. A terrific shot-stopper
2. Pauric Sheerin (Foreglen) - A very sticky cornerback. Hard to get away from.
3. Barry Cooke (Slaughtmanus) – Older brother of Cahir, whose dad coached Slaughtmanus for years. Strong lad who took no nonsense. 
4. Conor Lynch (Slaughtmanus) -  Fast and tenacious, every dream’s coach for a cornerback
5. Cahir Cooke (Slaughtmanus) – Just a 5th year, Cooke’s future was clear, he was going to become a pivotal figure wherever he went, be it for the school or the club. Just a brilliant defender.
6. Kyle Gallagher (Ardmore/Slaughtmanus) *Michael Friel (Ardmore) – Never seemed to have a bad game. He used to constantly be up and down the pitch, very fit and strong.
7. Michael Friel (Ardmore) – Never seemed to have a bad game. He used to constantly be up and down the pitch, very fit and strong.
8. Cathal O’Kane (Craigbane) - *
9. Brendan McErlean (Doire Colmcille) – Seemed to be good at all aspects of the game, always consistent.
10. Blaine Gormley (Criagbane) - Started on the McLarnon Final team as a fifth year. He would later to go on to become instrumental at his club Craigbane won the Ulster Intermediate Championship. He also represented Derry at various levels.
11. Shaun Cassidy (Faughanvale) –  An absolute flying machine with an eye for goal. Once he got away, there’s little who could catch him.
12. Rory McLaughlin (Slaughtmanus) - At home at half-forward or half-back, he was an industrious worker. Scored heavily in the run up to the final.  He would later excel playing with the Oisín club in Lancashire where he would pick up 3 Senior Lancashire Championship medals and three Lancashire All-Stars
13. Gavin McShane (Slaughtmanus) In every respective year in school, he was the main attacking threat on the team. Deadly from the dead ball. He has and continues to be so, Slaughtmanus’ chief attacking threat.
14. Benny Duffy (Slaughtmanus) - Has twin brother who both played with Enagh (Strathfoyle) in early days, then on to Slaughtmanus. Good forward with good feet, most of his scores were lovely to watch.
15. Brian Duddy (Slaughtmanus) - Small, strong and always out front. He came from basketball background and never lost the ball. Got important frees for the ‘College’ over the years. He later played for Tír Chonaill Gaels in London and lined out for London.

16. Simon Coyle (Doire Colmcille) 17. Stephen McSorley (Clan na nGael) 18. Stephen Lynch (Faughanvale) 19. Michael Moore (Steelstown) 20. Liam Heffernan (Steelstown) 21. Dean Kerlin (Clan na nGael) 22.Niall O’Kane (Claudy) 23. Eugene O’Neill (Foreglen) 24. Peter Mallett (Steelstown) 25. John Lyttle (Steelstown) 26. John Robertson (Slaughtmanus) 27. Emmett Lynch (Steelstown) 28. Daniel Mullan (Dungiven)

Coaches: Brian Trainor (Doire Colmcille) and Liam Galbraith (Buncrana)



Healy Park, Omagh

St.Columb’s College 0-08 v 1-07 St.Mary’s Belfast

St.Mary’s got an early goal and managed to stave off the St.Columb’s challenge.

1. Ciaran Durrand (Steelstown) – A very good shot-stopper, also played soccer
2. Kieran McGlinchey (Slaughtmanus) – Good man-marker. He was very comfortable on the ball for a corner-back.
3. Kevin Francis (Steelstown) – Often thought about the ball before his own personal safety. Took no prisoners
4. Kevin Lindsay (Steelstown) – His ability to read the game was second-to-none. He was also a fantastic tackler. Has gone on and become the most important defender for Steelstown
5. Chris Wood (Claudy) – Hard-working and self-less defender, who was excellent at fighting for the breaking ball.
6. Mickey McKinney (Steelstown) (jc) – Represented Derry minors in an All-Ireland final. He could tackle, catch, score points and hit hard. A terrific all-round footballer.
7. Oisin Duffy (Foreglen) – Represented Derry seniors with aplomb and Foreglen’s main man for years. Unstoppable when coming forward with ball in hand.
8. Barry Lyons (Slaughtmanus) – Good in the air and a good ball carrier when he built up steam.
9. Cahir Mullan (Drumsurn) – Represented Derry at different grade, he was strong with a good engine.
10. Aaron Kerrigan (Claudy) – Had searing pace which he would use to devastating effect. He scored 12 points in the quarter and semi-final games. Continues to score heavily for club.
11. Rory Moore (Craigbane)  – Only a fourth year and solid. He could play anywhere ein the forwards or the backs, he socred 1-02 in the quarter-final.Part of the famous Moore brothers of Craigbane.
12. Patrick Brennan (Steelstown) – Had great pace and strength and an eye for a score. Won an All-Britain Championship with Newcastle Cu Chulains
13. Daniel Jackson (Steelstown) – ‘Wee’ Dan had pace to burn and one of the finest left-foots to play down at St.John’s.
14. Paul McLaughlin (Claudy) – Good free-taker and a great passer of the ball with his trusty left-foot.
15. Brian Og McKeever RIP (Steelstown) – Brian Og came into the team after playing a stormer in the semi-final. His illness made sure he didn’t play in the earlier games. The Steelsotwn club proudly named the club after this warrior. A tenacious tackler who was great at breaking forward. He played on the edge and never backed down – he’ll be forever missed.

16. Andrew Coyle (Doire Colmcille) 18. Lee Moore (Craigbane) (jc) inj 19. Declan McErlean (Doire Colmcille) 20. Chris McNerlin (Faughanvale) 21. Shane McMenanmin (Craigbane) 22. David Quigg (Slaughtmanus) 23. David Galbraith (Buncrana) 24. Kevin O’Neill (Foreglen) 25. Brian Mohan (Craigbane) 26. Chris Gallagher (Steelstown) 27. Conor McGoran (Steelstown) 28. Daniel McDowell (Pearses) 29. Conrad Sheerin (Foreglen) 30. Dermot McBride (Steelstown)

Coaches: Eamonn Burns (Ballinascreen) and Brian Trainor (Doire Colmcille)



MacLarnon Cup

Athletic Grounds, Armagh

St.Columb’s College 0-06 v 1-10 St.Paul’s Bressbrook

St.Columb’s were not great in front of goals as St.Paul’s deserved this victory. A series of missed points and goal misses will play on their minds. ‘The College’ were  just a point down at half-time but three goal chances went a begging at the start of the second-half as Bessbrook pulled away.

1. Michael Lynch (Newtowncunningham) – He was the youngest player on the team. He played midfield for Newtowncunningham, and went onto play for Donegal Seniors and Derry City FC.
2. Barry Carton (Claudy) A very sticky cornerback. Hard to get away from even though he found the year difficult due to injury.
3. Shane O’Connor (Steelstown) Tall and fast. O’Connor could play anywhere on the pairc. He became very influential player for Steelstown and will do for years to come.
4. Anthony Hargan (Ardmore) An absolute lynchpin for his club and was equally important for the school. Later played his way onto ‘The Underdogs’.
5. Ryan McCloskey (Steelstown) Loved the rough and tumble of football, he more than often came out on the right side of the challenge.
6. Emmett McBride (Doire Colmcille/Steelstown) A class act from the dead ball, he knocked three points in their final defeat (0-03)
7. Michael McCallion (Doire Colmcille) – Often deployed as a sweeper, he used his soccer skills to brilliantly read the game. He had a sweet left foot.
8. Michael Brennan (Steelstown) A fine catcher of the ball, equally at home as a basketballer.
9. Michael Sweeney (Faughanvale) – He had a brilliant year in the run-up to the final, strong as a bull and a great runner with ball in hand. Key player for Faughanvale these days.
10. Caolan Watson (Slaughtmanus) – A defensive half-forward who always provided cover for the defence, he wouldn’t back down to the biggest man on the field.
11. Eoin Devine (Banagher) – Talented footballer, could turn on both sides making it hard for him to be marked. Played with John MItchels of Liverpool this year and contested a Lancashire Football Senior final in the full-back position.
12. Ryan Moore (Craigbane) – An unique footballer who had it all – class, flair and feistiness. He scored a fantastic goal in the semi-final replay against Downpatrick.
13. Sean Monahan (Foreglen)- Injured before the final, but made a good enough recovery to make the team. A quick player and was effective at running straight at his marker.
14. Mark Brennan (Steelstown) Very quick and could turn on a six pence. Could field a ball and had a great eye for goal (0-01).
15. James McClay (Claudy) Great left foot, nippy and agile. Too many good qualities to describe well enough (0-02).

16. Ciaran McGowan (Pearses) 17. Thomas McCrossan (Pearses) 18. Oisin Campbell (Doire Colmcille) 19. Conrad McCloskey (Criagbane) 20. Martin Lynch (Banagher) 21. Kevin Devine (Clann na nGael) 22. Rory Kehoe (Steelstown) 23. Daryl Mallett (Pearses) 24. Barry Doherty (Slaughtmanus) 25. Cathal Devine (Banagher) 26. Niall O’Kane (Faughanvale) 27. Barry Mortimer (Craigbane) 28. Conor Devine (Banagher) 29. Locky Ferguson (Steelstown) 30. Marty Doherty (Faughanvale) 31. Niall McGourty (Faughanvale) 32. Caolan Duddy (Ardmore) 33. Fionn Cooper (Steelstown) 34. Damian Watson (Doire Colmcille)

Coaches: Eamonn Burns (Ballinascreen) and Brian Trainor (Doire Colmcille)


2013 O’Doherty Cup


St.Columb’s College 3-06 v 0-09 Our Lady and St.Patrick’s Knock

The old adage that goals win games ensured that St.Columb’s College Derry were the victors in theDanske Bank O’ Doherty Cup final at the Mid- Ulster Sports Arena in Cookstown as they beat Our Lady and St.Patrick’s Knock by 3-6 to 0-9. St Columb’s scored two goals in the first quarter and another at the death, while Knock hit the post and had another Ronan McGrady effort brilliantly saved by the Derry side’s goalkeeper Dylan Mc Callion when they trailed St Columb’s by just three points.
However, it cannot be denied that St Columb’s dominated the opening half with the wind to assist them. Midfielder Barry Doherty was colossal in that period  alongside the hard working David O’Doherty.There was some nervousness in their early efforts for scores, but once goals from Michael Lynch and captain Emmett Mc Bride established a 2-1 to 0-2 lead, they settled and fully deserved the interval lead of 2-4 to 0-3. Their defensive work was particularly impressive, more often than not forcing turnovers through blocking and crowding out their opponents; Conrad McCloskey snuffing out the threat of Knock’s dangerman Lorcan McMullan ably assisted by Marty Lynch and Darryl Mallett
Conor Savage, Ronan McGrady and Jack Ferrin had worked hard during that opening half for Knock and they looked to be in with a reasonable chance at the break with the wind advantage to come.However St.Columb’s defencive pressure forced them to hit  with ten shots off target, and despite scoring points from Sean McGonigle (two), Rory Finnegan (two) and McGrady, Knock simply could not find the net and St Columb’s killed the tie a few minutes from the end when Michael Lynch fistedhome his second, and his sides third, goal.
It was great to see captain Emmett Mcbride rewarded for his seven years of excellence in gaelic games by being presented with the O’Doherty Cup.
However man of the match was between the irrepressible Damien Watson and the vice-captain Shane O’Connor. O’Connor gets the nod as he repeatedly thwarted the threat of Knock’s big full-forward Rooney.
This victory should augur well for next year with players such as Tomás McCrossan, Michael Kelly and Mickey McCallion back to lead the College towards a MacLarnon Cup.
St Columb’s: D McCallion; C McCloskey, S O’ Connor, Martin Lynch, D Watson, E McBride (1-0), D Mallet, B Doherty, D O’Doherty, C Watson (0-1), P Ferris (0-2), Michael Lynch (2-1), T McCrossan, M Kelly, M Mc Callion (0-1). Subs: M Campbell for Martin Lynch, M Carling for Kelly, C Feeney for D O’ Doherty.
Knock: K McGovern; R McGrady (0-1), J Ferrin, R Hannigan, M Woods, C Francis, C Savage, T Grimley, N McGoran, L McGowan, S McGonigle (0-2), M McGrath, L Mc Mullan (0-1), R Finnegan (0-4 frees), D Rooney. Subs: R Murray for McGrath

1. Dylan McCallion (N/A)- Dylan was primarily a soccer keeper; but helped the team with great effect.
2. Darryl Mallett (Pearses) - Fast, strong, combative.  Really good athlete!
3. Shane O’Connor (Steelstown) - * (VC)
4. Martin Lynch (Banagher) - A legend of St.Columb’s GAA.
5. Damien Watson (Doire Colmcille) – Small but tenacious, great carrier of the ball and brilliant at the breaks.
6. Emmett McBride (Doire Colmcille/Steelstown) - * (c)
7. Caolan Watson – (Slaughtmanus) *
8. Barry Doherty (Slaughtmanus)- Big Barry was an infectious character of the team at midfield.
9. David O’Doherty (Steelstown) - Very willing player, great team man.
10. Conrad McCloskey (Craigbane) - Conrad was strong and good in the tackle.
11. Paul Ferris (Steelstown) - Youngster of the side. Really accurate forward. Future MacLarnon captain.
12. Michael Kelly (Pearses) - Mickey could play midfield or full forward with equal effect.
13. Tomás McCrossan (Pearses) - Tomás was an excellent footballer for the College; future MacLarnon captain also.
14. Eoin Devine (Banagher) *
15. Michael McCallion (Doire Colmcille) *

16. Michael Lynch (Newtowncunningham) 17. Ryan Loughran (Doire Colmcille) 18. Aaron Donaghy (Claudy) 19. Jamie Donaghy (Claudy)



Markey Cup

O’Donnell Park, Letterkeny

St.Columb’s College 2-11 v 3-05 Abbey Vocational School

St.Columb’s from Derry produced a brilliant comeback from six points down after 23 minutes to defeat a gallant Abbey Vocational School from Donegal Town in this excellent Markey Cup Ulster Schools final.
The Derry lads made it seven points in a row with the opening three of the second-half , Jude Og Moore , Shea Brown and Tiernan O Kane all from play to take the lead at 1-08 to 2-04.
Abbey responded well and finally bridged a 22 minutes scoreless spell when keeper Matthew Stephenson failed to hold the ball and an almighty scramble ended with Jamie Crawford toe poking the ball over the line to make it 3-4 to 1-8 in Abbey’s favour.
Back came St.Columbs again, Mortimer pointed a free and then sub Ciaran Concannon pounced as the ball rebounded back off the crossbar to drive it to the net to leave it 2-09 to 3-04 to the Derry lads.
Cian Hegarty narrowed it to a point with a free in the 55th minute and a minute later he intercepted a poor kick-out but instead of taking a point he passed inside to Shaun Kennedy who’s shot was blocked.
Daniel Gallagher collected and looked to have been fouled but the Referee waved play on and the chance was gone. Shea Brown and James Lynch added late points to round off a super comeback victory for St.Columb’s from six points down after 23 minutes

1. Matthew Stephenson – (Faughanvale) Commands his area and talk’s his defence through games, excellent long-range kicking.
2. Michael Lynch – (Steelstown) Makes life difficult for his marker by leaving him in two-minds.  Lynch’s bursts up the field to join the attack puts his man on the back foot.
3. Naoise Ó Mianáin – (Craigbane) Ulster Schools All-Star at No.3 Solid as a rock at the heart of the defence which is what many come to expect from the all-star defender.  He bomb’s out of defence with possession on numerous occasions during games to launch attacks. One the toughest tackling full backs to wear a St Columb’s jersey. His performances earned him a call up to the Derry U20 panel
4. Padhraig Nelis – (Steelstown) Padhraig goes about his work in a quiet, unassuming manner which one comes to expect from a modern-day corner back.  Always picks up the danger man in the corner with little to no fuss. A year young for this team which says a lot about his qualities, Padhraig was also part of the Corn Colmcille winning team of 2014 that broke a 7 year wait for silverware in the school.
5. Conor McLaughlin – (Craigbane) as described by the Derry News in their match report of the Markey Cup Final. ‘The Craigbane man was simply sublime.  He quite literally won the game for his team with a brave, double block at the death’. Something we associate with Conor’s style of play.
6. Shane McElhinney – (Faughanvale) The Derry News review of Shane’s Final sums his footballing qualities up. ‘His kick-passing and use of the ball from number six was exquisite, in the mould that St Columb’s deploy.  Discipline is needed in defence and they get that from the ‘Vale man’. A real slick yet powerful footballer, excellent in the air. Throughout the Markey Cup campaign, he found himself tasked with playing from six while keeping an eye on the marquee players.
7. Tiernan O’Kane – (Claudy) A man for the big occasions.  He kicked Claudy’s winner in the minor final in the same year and landed an all-important 1-1 from half back in the Markey Cup Final to send St Columb’s on their way to victory. Excellent tackler and an engine that we wish we had when playing. (1-01)
8. Cormac Mooney – (Steelstown) Strong in the middle of the park, holds his position well to allow that powerful half-back line to cut through teams. Excellent reading of the game adds to his qualities of fielding and long range passing. A great eye for a score from distance.
9. James Lynch – (Steelstown) the Derry News report highlighted that ‘In the vital midfield sector, he drove his side forward in the engine room and kicked a fine score when it really mattered’. James ability to field and burst out of midfield was a platform all year for so many attacks. Must be noted, he played through an injury in this game. (0-01)
10. Ryan Brown – (Claudy) Life as a modern-day wing forward needs a Rolls Royce engine and Brown has just that always first class in possession and always a serious scoring threat. 
11. Fergal Mortimer – (Craigbane) Captain fantastic drove his side back into the game during the Markey Cup final and refused to let this team throw in the towel. Consistent as always on free-taking duties scoring two monster efforts from outside the 45m mark. Fergal has no flaws, tackling, scoring, passing, game sense, leadership. Everything you want in your captain and number 11. Fergal also won an Ulster Minor championship and Ulster U20 championship with Derry while also picking up a Queens University Future Star Award. (0-05)
12. Eoghan Cassidy – (Slaughtmanus) in the Year St Columb’s won the Markey Cup Eoghan also collected our first ever Ulster Schools All Star Award for Hurling. During the final his direct style of running while gliding and weaving made him a nightmare for the Abbey.  His selfless runs made space for others to exploit. This style matched with the toughness that only a hurler can bring made him unplayable during games. A real eye for a score, in fact he scored in every game he played.(0-01)
13. Cahir McMonagle – (Steelstown) very few players can make a crowd ooh and ahh in wonder as Cahir pulls off another trick with the ball. His ball mastery is to be marvelled at. During the Markey campaign he was a man with a target on his back. However, his slickness was matched by his bravery and craft. the Derry News commented during the match report ‘The inside man always made the ball stick.  Was a silky operator and the crowd could only watch in awe at some of his passages of play’. Cahir also won Queens University Future Star Award.
14. Jude Moore – (Craigbane) the Derry News commented that Jude ‘Could maybe have got more protection from officials given the amount of off the ball holding inside but recovered to kick a vital scores’. Once defenders work out that Jude cannot be afforded a ‘sniff’ they have to apply the old school tricks. Unbelievable target man at full forward, Jude commands the air and the ground, excellent in 1v1 situations and capable of taking scores from all angles. (0-01)
15. Shea Browne – (Clann Na nGael) Often referred to as a relation of Tyrone All Star Steven O’ Neill. Shea has carved his own record in Ulster schools’ football. Once again, the Tyrone man kicked vital scores in the Markey Cup Final as he did all year.  Right at the death Shea took on an effort surrounded by Abbey players on the edge of the ‘D’ the effort appeared audacious on the spin, but it was a majestic score. Shea is the modern footballer, often starting in the corner he is often tasked with dropping to 6 to launch attacks and pick the holes in the opposition.  Shea also won a Queens University Future Star Award and like Padhraig Nelis is a year young for the panel. Shea also Captained our Corn Colmcille Ulster champions of 2014.(0-02)

16. Adam Harrigan (Steelstown)  17. Jack McLaughlin (Steelstown)  18. Michael Moore (Steelstown) 19. Donnacha Gilmore (Steelstown) 20. Caomhan O’Connor (Slaughtmanus) 21. Ciaran Concannon (Steelstown) 22. Aidan Cutliffe (Steelstown) 23. Aiden Duddy (Slaughtmanus) 24. Niall Biggs (Banagher) 25. Jason McAleer (Steelstown) 26. Donal Hughes (Craigbane) 27. Aaron McDuff (Steelstown) 28. David Officer (Pearses) 29. Conor Doherty (Doire Colmcille) 30. Josh McDaid (Claudy)

Coaches: Michael McLaughlin (Sean Dolans) and James McQuillan (Doire Colmcille/Na Magha)

Total number of clubs who have contributed to these teams for the eight finals: 17

Derry : Ardmore, Banagher, Claudy, Craigbane, Doire Colmcille, Doire Trasna, Drum, Drumsurn,  Dungiven, Faughanvale, Foreglen, Sean Dolans, Slaughtmanus, Steelstown
Tyrone : Clann na nGael, Owen Roes
Donegal:  Buncrana, Newtowncunningham


Club Breakdown

Brackets indicate subs, so Doire Colmcille 6 (1) –6 starters and one sub on the panel


Total number of players used: 25
Doire Colmcille: 6 (1), Banagher: 2, Claudy: 2, Steelstown: 1 (5), Owen Roes: 1  Dungiven: 1, Craigbane:1, Foreglen:1, Slaughtmanus: (2), Drum: (1), Sean Dolans: (1) Clan na nGael: (1)


Total number of players used: 30
Steelstown: 5 (8), Craigbane: 2, Slaughtmanus: 2, Doire Colmcille: 1 (4), Clan nan Gael: 1 (2), Banagher: 1, Foreglen:1, Claudy: 1, Ardmore:1, Drum: (1)


Total number of players used: 30
Steelstown: 6 (8), Doire Colmcille: 2 (3), Slaughtmanus: 2 (1), Claudy: 2, Foreglen: 1, Ardmore: 1, Craigbane: 1, Clann na nGael: (2), Sean Dolans: (1), Faughanvale: (1)


Total Number of players used: 27
Slaughtmanus: 8 (1), Craigbane: 2, Ardmore: 2, Doire Colmcille: 1 (1), Faughanvale: 1 (1), Steelstown: (5), Clan na  nGael: (2), Foreglen: (1), Claudy: (1), Banagher: (1), Dungiven (1)


Total number of players used: 27
Steelstown: 7 (3), Claudy: 3, Slaughtmanus: 2 (1), Craigbane: 1 (2), Foreglen: 1 (1), Drumsurn: 1, Doire Colmcille: (2), Pearses: (1), Faughanvale: (1), Buncrana: (1)


Total number of players used: 34
Steelstown: 4 (3), Doire Colmcille: 2 (2),  Claudy: 2, Banagher: 1 (3), Faughanvale: 1 (3), Craigbane: 1 (2), Ardmore: 1 (1), Slaughtmanus: 1 (1), Foreglen: 1, Newtowncunningham: 1, Pearses: (3), Clann na nGael: (1)


Total number of players used: 18
 Doire Colmcille 3 (1), Pearses: 3,  Banagher: 2, Steelstown: 2, Slaughtmanus: 2, Craigbane: 1, Claudy: 2 Newtowncunningham: 1 , N/A

Total Number of players used: 30
Steelstown: 5 (8), Craigbane: 4 (1), Claudy: 2 (1), Fauganvale: 2, Slaughtmanus: 1 (2), Clann nan Gael: 1, Banagher: (1), Pearses: (1), Doire Colmcille: (1)

Club breakdown in total

Steelstown: 30 (40)
Slaughtmanus: 19 (7)
Doire Colmcille: 15 (15)
Craigbane: 13 (5)
Claudy: 12 (2)
Banagher:  6 (5)
Foreglen: 5 (2)
Ardmore: 5 (1)
Faughanvale: 4 (6)
Pearses: 3 (5)
Clan na nGael: 2 (8)
Newtowncunningham: 1 (1)
Owen Roes: 1
Drumsurn: 1
Sean Dolans: (2)
Drum: (2)
Buncrana: (1)
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Re: Derry Club Football & Hurling
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Saw this online,
The St.Columb’s College ‘Team of 20 Years’ as voted by the public…….
Martin Dunne (Steelstown)
Hard to believe this man only made one MacLarnon team, be it, the most signifi-cant one. Marty and I used to walk to the Templemore Sports Complex from u-14 level to minor level for training and games. I used to meet him at the bottom of his street and we use to dander the twenty minutes along the Buncrana Road, ironically, past St.Columb’s. We used to wonder if we would be good players or be in a good team in years to come. While I used to state them boys over the Glenshane were demi-godlike players; whose physical and skilful attributes could never be matched by us city boys. Marty used to dismiss this; he said if you’re good enough,you’re good enough. Numerous hammerings in our first foray into the All-County League campaign at u-16 level (1999), seemed to favour my viewpoint. But in the end, Marty was correct and he worked damn hard at it. Look at his career. From a man who struggled with his kick-outs when he 14; he ended up with an All-Ireland Minor medal, represented Derry at senior level and was arguably Steelstown most important player in last 20 years. He was their goalkeeper from 17 until last year when he retired aged 36. He is a great club man too.
Dunne was a terrific shot-stopper with. a long kickout. He saved the school a few times and his club unaccountable times.
Cahir Cooke (Slaughtmanus)
Cahir was an outstanding stalwart right throughout his time at St.Columb’s. Always emptied the tank on the pitch, hard, good reader of a game. Played in the Herald Cup winning team as a Year 10 (2 years young) at Centre half back. Cahir would take on any task you asked him to do. His attitude was superb. Led by example. Went on to have a great career with Slaughtmanus
Oisin Duffy (Foreglen)
This is his second ‘All-Star’ of the week after being named in Michael McMullan’s (County Derry Post chief GAA writer) Derry Club Team team of the decade. Hugely competitive. Loved the thrill of knocking boys flying, even in PE classes. Would literally run through a brick wall if you asked him. Serious athlete and could play ball. He would give a short pass and take off looking the return. Went on to become Foreglen’s main man for years and had manys a fine game for Derry also.
Kyle Gallagher (Ardmore/Slaughtmanus)
Kyle was a regular in the MacLarnon winning team as 4th year at corner back. Also won a Herald Cup medal that academic year. This was all in his first 12 months of actually playing Gaelic football. The following year he won an Ulster Colleges All Star as a 5th year, the youngest ever. He was a great reader of the game, kept things simple, and was ultra-reliable. He had us shaking our heads in disbelief at times how good he was. Unfortunately, in his last season at the school, he sustained a broken jaw in an accidental clash at training, and this cost the team dear in the semi final against Castleblayney at Omagh.
Brian Rainey (Doire Colmcille/Craigbane)
Brian Rainey was an extremely talented and athletic sportsman who played Gaelic, soccer and rugby union for the school. Rainey first started off with Steelstown, but soon crossed to city rivals Doire Colmcille. He went on to compete in the underage all-county ‘A’ leagues throughout the underage grades with the excellent Doire Colmcille teams, with the the likes of Brendan McNally, James McQuillan, Liam Fleming, Eoin Trainor and Chris O’Donnell - This was a huge thing in those days. He went on to become a hugely influential player on the MacLarnon final team of 2000 as well as winning two NI U18 school soccer medals and played in the famous Schools Cup rugby for the school. He also featured for the Derry minors in 1999.
Rainey soon joined Craigbane and he is still playing for them today. He has a Derry and Ulster Intermediate Championship medal (2011) in his back pocket to show for his efforts over the years. His fast and elusive wing-back play, sets him apart from many other players. He is one of the few players who understands his role to a tee.
No. 6
Paul O'Hea (Steelstown)
If ever there was a player who tried their damndest to get to the very top, than Paul O’Hea is the very player. O’Hea’s number one sport up to 14 was soccer and was a terrific defender in that game, but when he turned his attentions to the ‘game of the gael’, he went to the very top. Burnsy thought of him as, ‘give me a job and I’ll do the business’ type of player. Whole-hearted, very athletic and, for a defender, his penalties were legendary. When under pressure, he scored the penalty in the MacLarnon Final of 2002 and also scored a penalty in Croke Park in their semi-final win over Longford. A big man for the big occasion.
Looking back at old minor or school programmes from different eras and different teams, often don’t tell you the story about the player. For example, O’Hea was on the bench in the MacLarnon Final of 2001; little did anyone know that a year later he would be central to the school winning the MacLarnon Cup and lining out at right-half back for the county team when winning an All-Ireland Minor Championship. Little did they know he would win a Sigerson medal, little did they know that he would a NFL Division 1 medal.O’Hea shows what you can do if you put the effort in.
O’Hea was the central figure in defence for Steelstown at Junior, Intermediate and Senior level. He was always a constant at Number 6 for the cityside. Moreover, disregarding his great footballing career, Paul is just a terrific guy too and a good old mucker!
Mickey McKinney (Steelstown)
Mickey McKinney was well known to all at Steelstown from an early age. When he captained the club to their very first ‘A’ Championship victory (North Derry) in 2003, he was destined to have an excellent footballing career. This bore true when he was an outstanding player in the Derry Minor run to the All-Ireland final in 2007. He was then joint captain of a great MacLarnon side that were pipped by St.Mary’s Belfast in Omagh. Mickey had all you want for a defender; great man marker; read a game superbly; great hands; ball skills super. A quiet lad but led by example. Went on to have an outstanding career with Steelstown. He is well-known as a defender, but he had a great strike on him and his club have pushed him further forward very much to everyone’s advantage.
No.8 Gavin Donaghy (Claudy John Mitchel's GAC)
Gavin Donaghy was without the doubt the best player I have trained with or coached. It’s as simple as that. Everything he did stood him out from the rest. While one player would excel at one skill and be moderate at others; Donaghy shone at every aspect of the game. Arguably, his biggest asset was that you could simply rely on him to perform if the rest of the players weren’t at the races. He wasn’t an agriculture midfielder –he stood only 5’9” and was of medium build - but the reason he was in his engine room was for two reasons; one, he could run all day and secondly, you wanted Gavin Donaghy in every area of the pitch.
‘Smiler’ had four years starting in a MacLarnon side. He began as a corner-back in his fourth year of school and then wing-half forward in his 5th year when we lost out in the final to Letterkenny in the last minute. He began to really make his name with the Derry Minor side that won Ulster that summer and lost out controversially to Cork. Donaghy had two points registered and was beginning to control the game, he then received a nasty facial injury below his eye.
Donaghy captained the St.Columb’s side from midfield in both of his final two years, losing out in the final to Downpatrick in 2001 and eventually, third time lucky, defeating La Salle in 2002. His performances that year were particularly outstanding, he produced the goods in every round - including a memorable match winning goal in the final at Casement Park. So much so, that Eamonn Burns stated that his own county manager Eamon Coleman enquired about possibly bringing him into the Derry senior squad while he was still at school! That never materialised that year, but he had quite a few great seasons with Claudy (including a Derry Intermediate title), with Derry including a run to the All-Ireland Semi-Final against Kerry in 2004, plus a Sigerson winner with Paul O’Hea at Queens. He then emigrated to Perth, WA, where he is reputed to be one of Western Shamrock’s main players!
People often asked over the years what made Donaghy better than the rest, I would say his composure. He never looked shook. That’s what leaders looked like.
No. 9 Bliain Gormley (Craigbane Gac)
Bliain first came to prominence featuring as a third year (2 years young) in the Herald Cup Winning team of 2001/02. By his own fifth year, he was one of the main players in this same team that reached the MacLarnon final in 2004, playing at wing back. Captained the team and led by example in 2006, but lost out in the quarter final to La Salle. Seriously strong player, great fielder, ball carrier, scorer of long range points and free taker. Represented Derry with aplomb at both minor and senior level. Won an Ulster Intermediate title in 2011 and back playing with Craigbane despite two horrendous injuries
Stephen Cleary (Steelstown)
When I included the players of the 8 final teams for people to pick their ‘Team of 20 Years’ from, I did this because I could work from a definite roster of players. I included, ‘if any player who has played for St.Columb’s and not played in a final, then please include them in your vote.’ It’s fair to say, that Stephen Cleary’s name came up quite a few times.
Stephen was an exceptionally fast and skilful forward. He played with St.Columbs at a time when we weren’t reaching any finals, but nonetheless made his name with the Derry minors. He starred on the run to their final defeat to Galway and scored two points in that final.
Stephen added a great career with Steelstown, helping them to promotion to the senior ranks for the first time ever, before emigrating to Europe to work with Adidas. Cleary was not ‘arguably’ Steelstown’s finest ever forwards – he was.
No. 11
Cathal O’Kane (Craigbane Gac)
I think everyone heard of Cathal O’Kane when he came to St.Columb’s. His foot-balling ability preceded him. Cathal wasone of the few players who had four years in the MacLarnon team, three of them which got to finals. In 2001, he played as corner forward in the side defeated by Downpatrick in the final. In 2001/02, he captained the Herald Cup side to glory, beating St.Mary’s CBS in the final at Ballinascreen, and then was no. 11 and a key man on the MacLarnon winning side. That year 2002 he also played for Ire-land Under 17’s v Australia. At the time, St.Columb’s had won won the MacLarnon and were preparing on their All-Ireland march so they had a friendly game in Dublin and took in Cathal playing for his country. It was a great couple of days. ‘Cacksy’ was no. 11 on the Derry minor side that won the All-Ireland. In his final year, he was ravaged by injury but lined out in the final as captain, losing by a point to St.Louis’ Kilkeel.
Cathal was the ‘quintessential’, centre-half forward. He was a strong-running, crafty player, who was always good for an im-portant score. His ability to pick a pass was excellent. He was instrumental in Craigbane’s Ulster Intermediate title success in 2011.
Aaron Kerrigan (Claudy John Mitchel's GAC)
Aaron was a big prospect right from his first year and fulfilled this with four years on the MacLarnon team from 2006. He was instru-mental in the side reaching the 2008 final with his breakneck speed and scoring ability. Unfortunately, we narrowly lost out that day to St.Mary’s CBS. The following year, Aaron captained the side but we went out in the quarter-final to eventual champions St.Pius’ X. Aaron went on to represent Derry at all levels, minor, U21 and senior, registering many outrageous scoring tallies for both Derry and Claudy with whom he still
Lee Moore (Craigbane Gac)
Lee was always a player of huge promise in his time at St.Columbs. Another player who had four years starting in the MacLarnon team. After various hard luck stories for the school in 2005, ‘06 and ‘07, Lee was the lead figure as joint captain in the charge to the MacLarnon final of 2008. Unfortunately, Lee tore the hamstring in a Derry minor trial prior to the semi-final, went ahead and played that match, but aggravated the injury to the extent that he wasn’t fit to start the final. Eamonn Burns believes, ‘It was the difference between winning and losing.’
Lee had an abundance of talent, two feet, won his own ball, ‘turned on a sixpence’, - with a deadly finish. A key player in Derry minors run to the All-Ireland final in 2007, Craigbane’s star for years including their Ul-ster Intermediate title in 2011, and several seasons in the County senior set up, Lee had a style of his own that had the fans out of their seats.
Marty Donaghy (Claudy John Mitchel's GAC)
The player who returned the most votes (I’m sure he’ll give his brother a bit of stick about this). Marty was a lightning quick, skilful, elusive forward for us in the side that reached the final in 2000. Already a Derry Minor, Marty picked up a nasty quad tear that seriously hampered his preparation for, and subsequent performance in, that final against Letterkenny. However, he recovered to star for Derry minors in their Ulster minor success that summer. Possibly recognised as the top player in Intermediate football over the last 20 years with Claudy as a serial score getter, Marty was also probably St.Columb’s ‘most capped’ Derry senior player of the last 20 years, including scoring in the Ulster final of 2011. He continues to play for Claudy at senior level.
Gavin McShane (Slaughtmanus Gaa)
Gavin was an integral part of the successful Herald Cup winning team in 2001/02 as a 4th year. Came into the MacLarnon team the following year and had three outstanding seasons, including the drive to the final of 2004. Dedication, deadly accuracy and composure on the ball were his traits, leading to a long career as Slaughtmanus’ talisman up front, often being double teamed as a measure of how good he was, sometimes putting up double figures in games


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Re: Derry Club Football & Hurling
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What do we reckon the chances are of seeing club football played this year?

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Re: Derry Club Football & Hurling
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Instead of reading  unfair negative publicity,from one quarter, about our native county I think that we should take up the excellent suggestion initiated by  that gem of an analyst  from  Ballinascreen, the redoubtable "Estimator."  He suggested at the beginning of April that we should select an All-time  Best Derry team  based on only being allowed to select one player from any club.

 It also must be acknowledged the great publicity by the superb Tony Scullion interview and by the magnificent cameo series by our County  PRO and Michael McMullan in the Derry Post.They are what good,fair journalism should be about, recalling the great players and magical moments in our GAA history. It should not be about  the insensitive opening of old wounds and adding more grief to people who at this time are undergoing much personal suffering.Anyhow the following is my best Derry Senior team based on Estimator's criteria  for the last 50 years 1970-2020.

                                                    Damian McCusker(Glen)
Kieran McKeever(Dungiven)            Brendan Rogers (Slaughtneil)         Tony Scullion(Ballinascreen)
Joe Irwin(Drumsurn)                      Henry Downey(Lavey)                Gerry O'Loughlin(Magherafelt)
                             Anthony Tohill(Swatragh)          Fergal Doherty(Bellaghy)
Sean O'Connell (Ballerin)                Damian Barton(Newbridge)      Sean Leo McGoldrick (Coleraine)
Paddy Bradley(Glenullin)                 Enda Muldoon (Ballinderry)      Mark Lynch(Banagher)
John Somers,Henry Diamond,Anthony McGurk,Peter Stevenson,Brian McGilligan, Gerry McElhinney,Sean Marty Lockhart, Enda Gormley and Joe Brolly are unlucky to lose out under the one player by club rule.


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Re: Derry Club Football & Hurling
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Enda Lynn should be in there and either Paul or Johnny from An Lub. Apart from that you're probably not too far out.