Author Topic: Peter Creedon in the firing line as Laois players acused of drinking before game  (Read 2240 times)


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I saw somewhere else that Creedon is the county's 3rd manager in 4 years

"The meeting acknowledged that if we continue to do the same thing year in year out and appoint another manager, our fourth in five years and he discovers similar problems as the previous two outgoing managers, and we are back to square one again and another year wasted! "

It is very satisfying to get rid of a badly performing  manager and stride confidently into the future. And repeat the next year. But it usually means there is a problem that isn't the manager.

Appointing him originally for only a 1 year term is hardly a ringing endorsement from the county board. I would have thought any new manager should get a 3 year term to allow to build a team. With all the managerial changes and different tactics each year is any wonder the team is struggling. No chance to put medium/long term plans in place
It looks like there is more to this than meets the eye