Author Topic: Laois Intermediate Football Championship 2018  (Read 7062 times)


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Re: Laois Intermediate Football Championship 2018
« Reply #75 on: September 22, 2018, 10:51:49 AM »
I agree . a lot of people on here say the likes of Courtwood and Emo and the likes should do a full amalgamation but Emo won intermediate last year and Courtwood are going well this year. Nobody sees the hard work that lads in small clubs put in for whatever rewards they may get . If two clubs amalgamate then maybe you have 24 or 25 players at senior level but 2 intermediate clubs might have 50. If my club amalgamated and went senior I reckon we'd lose up to 10 players as lads have a perception that playing second team is a step down and it's easy to quit . Huge effort is being put in at underage levels at certain clubs and when they reap the rewards certain clubs just look for an easy way to compete. It doesn't sit well that mm can pull 4 or 5 of the best players in another club and use them against the likes of the Courtwoods of this world . I haven't a clue what the population is out there but I'd imagine it's nearer to castletown than mm. They should be commended for keeping 30 lads going rather than discriminated against