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CPA Development
« on: November 17, 2016, 11:37:36 AM »
I dont know if many people listen to the GAA Hour podcast with Wooly Parkinson, but its a decent listen most times. This weeks one (link below) they speak to Aaron Kernan regarding the the new Club Players Association which is been set up.

It is interesting in that while there are so many senior club players out there (over 230,000) they really have no voice and are not organised in any way. But worse still they seem to have no appetite to do anything about it judging by what he says. Players do their hard work in regards to training an playing but seem to have no real interest in the political side of things, but it is this side that can change things for the better and the club player could be the big beneficiary.

That body could be the most powerful in the GAA as they would have huge influence over what proposals can be brought forward, instead we have the older generation doing the majority of their work and as a result there is very little change.